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In Topic: Got my first pump

19 May 2014 - 03:32 PM

that is the sport model.  i have seen them blue or green.  anyways, the one time i helped a kid on the field with a trilogy sport, it was with a problem with low velocity.  the sport was meant to be run with co2 and he was running hpa.  he had to turn the ivg all the way in to get as close to 280 as possible.  i just wanted to let you know just in case you happen to experience a low velocity issue.


i have the red ones, the competition model.  its a great gun.  the thing shoots great and requires very little maintenance.  its always have been a dependable gun as a primary and as a loaner.  i am sure the sport will be the same way.

In Topic: psychoballistics autococker

19 May 2014 - 03:19 PM

i would definitely spend the money on getting a reg and the asa to get it up and running as a good primary or back up gun.  a decent reg will make velocity adjustments easier too. 


if you are interested to see if you want to move forward before spending any more money, you might be able to move your current reg and asa from the enmey and install it over to the superbolt and see how well you like it.


i have the lightning model and the only issues i have had was some air leaking from the ram.  now its running as a pump with a cp reg and it works great.

In Topic: Opinions on some barrel kits!

16 May 2014 - 03:50 PM

    i like the sp freak kit that i use with autococker threaded guns, but over time i realized i dont really use all, but only three inserts.  i mostly use the smallest bores, unless the paintball is crap.  the techt/python kit is pretty good with my phantoms.  the same situation as the freak kit, i only really use the smaller bores.  so the big freak kit or python case gets left at home and i only bring the complete barrel and two bores in my parts box.  one thing i dont like about the techt is the problem with the adapter being hard to remove with the pump handle or even with the under cocking kit.  it happens once and a while.  i cant think of any other issue with the freak kit


    i actually just bought smaller bores for the freak back and the techt/python since the paint has been getting smaller around here.  i dont think i will be selling any of my kits anytime soon.  if i do, i would sell the techt/python and go with a deadlywind phantom freak barrel.  for starting over with the other guns, i would invest in a stella or lurker and get a small and a medium bore for the back.  the empire super freak is nice option if you dont have a freak kit already.  another good option i have seen on ebay is some people were trying to sell the empire sniper barrel kit.  that is a nice kit if you can find it for sale.

In Topic: Got my first pump

16 May 2014 - 02:44 PM

you are correct with the washer going in between the "pump guide rod" and spring/cup seal assembly. 


if its a major leak, it could be the cup seal not sealing properly after the pump installation.  try to break it down, inspect, and reinstall everything.


what kind of trilogy?  and do you know more of its history?

In Topic: Advice

18 April 2014 - 08:37 AM

which type of games and who you are playing with might help you in your decision.  i think if you are playing with mostly rentals and a few experienced players, mixing in a pump game once and a while through out the day would be a good thing. 


since you are just starting out though, i would suggest just keep your equipment as is and play some more games instead of spending money on more guns.  it could lead to a hoarding problem at an early stage. :lol: