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18 April 2014 - 08:37 AM

which type of games and who you are playing with might help you in your decision.  i think if you are playing with mostly rentals and a few experienced players, mixing in a pump game once and a while through out the day would be a good thing. 


since you are just starting out though, i would suggest just keep your equipment as is and play some more games instead of spending money on more guns.  it could lead to a hoarding problem at an early stage. :lol:

In Topic: need first pump advice

18 April 2014 - 08:13 AM

for an inexpensive option is the empire trracer with a bottom line kit.  the bottom line kit is a personal preference, but it makes it easier to sight down range.  or if you find some sort of sniper for around the same price, it would be a very good option as well.


what kind of gun are you playing with right now?

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07 February 2014 - 02:04 PM

a whole bunch of local tournament dates were added.  :tup:

In Topic: Empire traccer vs azodin kaos pump

06 January 2014 - 05:07 PM

whats your current setup and playing style?

In Topic: 2014 Scenario Events Tournaments Specials

05 January 2014 - 11:37 AM

Out of State (
  Pennsylvania;     EMR Paintball, Skirmish, LVP
    Maryland;        OXCC
  New York;          Cousins Paintball, Paintball Sports Inc.


Sunday, Jan. 5th.  Cousins Paintball, Riverhead, NY
The Yeti Emerges


Saturday Feb. 1st.  EMR Paintball Park, New Milford, PA

The Winter War!

Saturday, Mar. 1st- Sunday, Mar. 2nd.  OXCC, Chesapeake City, MD.
Police Academy

Sunday, Mar 2nd. Lehigh Valley Paintball, South Hatfield, Pa.
3 Man Challenge Series  

Saturday, Mar. 15th. Skirmish USA, Albrightsville, PA
Stalingrad IX

Saturday March 29th and Sunday March 30th.  EMR Paintball Park, New Milford, PA

March Meltdown


Saturday April 26th and Sunday April 27th.  EMR Paintball Park, New Milford, PA

Super Castle Conquest Weekend

Saturday, May 3rd. Lehigh Valley Paintball, South Hatfield, Pa.
Blazing Saddles 

Saturday, May 10th.  Skirmish, Albrightsville, PA

Skirmish World Record Speedball Tournament


Saturday – Sunday, May 17 – 18.  Cousins Paintball, Riverhead, NY

Big Game Weekend 2014



Saturday, June 7th.  OXCC, Chesapeake City, MD.

Red vs Blue Big Game

Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th.  EMR Paintball Park, New Milford, PA

Western Wars & Supergame gold Rush

Saturday – Sunday, July 12-13.  Skirmish, Albrightsville, PA

I.O.N., Invasion of Normandy

Saturday Sept. 27th and Sunday Sept. 28th.  EMR Paintball Park, New Milford, PA

Castle Conquest XXXVIII: The Canadian Defense

Sunday, Oct. 26th.  Lehigh Valley Paintball, South Hatfield, Pa.
Splat-O-Ween IX


Saturday Nov. 8th and Sunday Nov. 9th.  EMR Paintball Park, New Milford, PA

Sue’s toys For Tots:  7 Hour Scenario “Misfit Toys: Battle for Their Island”


Jan5: added dates and modified tournaments(cancellations).

Jan14: added dates; (2/1, 3/29-30, 4/26-27, 6/28-29, 9/27-28, 11/8-9)emr

Apr18: added dates; 5/17-18, cousins.  6/7, oxcc. (5/10, 7/12-13)Skirmish