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In Topic: what is the best paintball gun

04 January 2011 - 02:53 PM

That's a really hard question to answer actually. I'm not going to name any guns because I don't know what YOU like. Any gun can be the best but it all depends on what the person who uses it thinks. You could shoot a Proto PMR and play your best with it and say it's the best gun out there. Where as another person can shoot a Dangerous Power G4, be the best with it and say it's the best gun ever.

All in all you can get a whole lot of different answers since everyone likes different things and they're going to say what they have used or use is the best.

I agree. It's the player that makes the gun good. I own 11 guns myself, ranging from Ego 10 to a spyder. Sometimes I go play with my T2 and I can out shoot someone with a NT, that doesn't mean my T2 is a better gun then his. Granted that a nice gun helps, but if you can't hit anybody with it, it aint't worth anything.

In Topic: Grillz vs. I4

04 January 2011 - 02:43 PM

I own both also, and in my opinion the Grills is better overall. The comfort of the Grills is a little bit better than the i4. In terms of the field of view I would have to give it to the i4. Now in terms of the lens quality they are both nice. Changing the lens on both is fairly easy, but the i4 is easier. Now in terms of cleaning, the Grills is the easiest to clean and take apart. Now in terms of quality of the mask itself, I would have to give that to the Grills. The reason I think the Grills is better quality is the way the foam is put on the mask itself. If you look on both mask and how the foam is guled on you will see that Dye just slap on some glue and attached the foam (you can see some of glue beyond the foam itself). The other thing is that with the Grills mask you can swap out the foam if they are damaged or need replacing, instead of buying a new mask. With the i4 if the foam is worn out you can't replace it, you just have to buy a new mask.

In Topic: EGO 10 vs Geo2

09 September 2010 - 04:48 PM

Like you I was deciding whether to get a Ego, Geo or a Dye NT. All my other markers where spoolies, I was looking more at the Ego. If you have your mind set on a poppit, then get the Ego. The only other poppit I can think of to get is the new Bob Long marker coming out "G6R Intimidator", but you might have to wait till end of November from what I hear. I was able to narrow it down my chooses to the Ego, plus I was able to get a brand new Ego 10 for $700 (I have a lot of connections).


02 September 2010 - 05:44 PM

APE Rampage Board, whether it be OLED or not is up to you, Ruthless Paintball Trigger, TechT G3 Bolt Engine, and you should be good for upgrades.

I have a G3, and the Tech T made a big difference.


02 September 2010 - 05:42 PM

um have you heard of the etek 3??????????

Um maybe you should should shut up because some of us don't have that kind of money, ever think of that smart ass.

I agree, not many people have that kind of money. I own a lot of markers, G3 being one of them and I also have a Ego 10. If someone ask me what kind of upgrades they should get, I don't just say they should buy a new marker.