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In Topic: Over priced or just right

24 October 2010 - 10:36 AM

i wonder about the people who say its priced just right are the ones trying to justify spending 1300-1800$ on a gun, and 500$ worth of packaging that a Creed/vice/G6R can compete with.

And the guns i listed were 800$ new. And the G6r is 860 and is on par with the Ego11.

Now lets compare the g6r to the 11 in terms of packaging worth of 390$..
A tin case vs cardboard box
A barrel kit vs CP barrel
Oil and tools vs neither.

Now lets say oil - well honestly this is about 10-15$
Barrel kit? - You can buy a nicer kit for less than 390$
A tin case, Well. Any 25$ case can fix this

Should PE and dye come down to BL/Vanguard prices? Hell yes imo, this would be great for the pb community, The Nt's and SL's should be about 1300New while the others about 800. This would be more realistic value. because the Vanguard packaging far exceeds PE and yet, is 450$ cheaper new. And is on the same level as PE guns. where does the 450$ price come in? How do people justify this?

I have to agree. I think 900$ is what most high end markers should sell for. The G6R is just right and is a great value. The NT, Luxe and SLS are stupidly expensive and are priced for a wow factor not for the product that you receive in the mail. If you want to blow your money on a 1500$ gun go for it, but it is a waste of money. That being said we live in America land of the fat, spoiled, arrogant, delusional, out of touch, greedy, pompous, uneducated, unappreciative...American. For God's sake people drive Hummers which I believe get around 10 mpg. I see Ferrari's every so often around my area and they get 3-6 mpg. Americans are not known around the world to be appreciative or thoughtful people. Iphones are the biggest waste of money ever, but people buy them.

Personally I refuse to give my money unconsciously to corporations which are in the process of raping the middle class like a security guard in a female prison. I am using a cell phone that I have owned for over 6 years, I shop for my food at a local food co-op, I drive a older car.(hell, my cell phone contract is up in March and I am seriously considering getting rid of my contract just to not participate with Verizon any longer) If I am going to give money to a corporation it will be one that is generally small and gives me great value for the money I spend such as paintball.

Are PE guns over priced? A little. Do they have marketing reasons for this? Of course, any idiot knows that. They need to have the highends to push the lowends. Could they lower the price of the Geo2 and Ego11, yep. Will they? NO. Because Americans will buy them at the current prices. Americans throw their money away like it's on fire. Only lately with the economic collapse have Americans begun to reconsider what money is actually worth. Should anyone really be spending 1250$ on a fricking paintball gun? Probably not while child hood poverty has been climbing steadily for the last 10 years. That being said it is up to each individual to decide how to spend his or her own money.

In Topic: Who thinks mike should Revisit the mini?

22 October 2010 - 03:36 AM

I would bet my left nut that the AXE will drop in price within 6 months to 399$. I loved my mini. It was my first gun and now that I have owned several very highend markers I can honestly say the mini was still a great choice, especially considering the price. I think the axe is a step in the right direction. It will sell like hotcakes if they can just knock off 60$ off the price.

In Topic: Those unenlightened to paintball

21 October 2010 - 02:31 AM

AHHH, the joys of being young and making a big deal out of what other people say. Can't say I miss being a teenager.


19 October 2010 - 02:00 AM

I own a tippmann 98 custom pro platinum with a stock and an invert too with an e grip, and I am decked out in full ACU gear including and Acu vest with a proflex.

When the renters see me, they think I am some sort of legendary pro when I am at the field maybe my third time. The 98 rentals are silver (for some reason) have no stocks, have 8 inch barrells (to my 11 inch) and shitty rental masks.

When people see me, they know I am not a renter nor a noob. (I lead my team because I always sprint up with 40 pounds of gear on me which makes the renters follow which means we win because we're overly aggresive - not meaning to brag, because im sure over 50% of the TECHPB community has more experience and are better players. But I see, every game, I shoot more people out and move out much more.)


I can't tell whether you are being serious or not? I hope you are kidding around though. :dodgy:

In Topic: Where to get custom flex's

12 October 2010 - 02:04 PM

Someone already said it but TRINITY paintball is the place to get custom flexes.