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2011 G6r Up'd

02 February 2013 - 11:10 PM

I have a 2011 G6r Gloss Black/Dust Black for sale or trade. I love shooting this gat, but I miss my 2.1 and want a new spool valve. i would be looking for a Geo 2/2.1, Vx, Vx'd V2, Luxe, or something else. I do have a Empire Superfreak kit to add if the right trade rolls around.

Not looking for downgrades.

My G6r has a TechT Hush Bolt, Low Pro Pin, LP poppit, Dye UL barrel, and a Violent Deuce Trigger. I have the stock bolt and pin, which will be included, and a 3x oring kit.

625 OBO

Marker: 2011 G6r
Condition: 9/10, one nick by barrel
Color: Dust/Gloss black, Cobalt Dye UL back
Upgrades: TechT Hush Bolt, Low Pro Pin, LP poppit, Dye UL, Violent Deuce Trigger
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: 625
Shipping Options: USPS Priority
Trades of interest: Spools
Location of item: Wisconsin
What is Included: G6r, stock bolt, stock pin, oring kit

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Brown/Gold Ripper Vic FST

03 January 2013 - 12:59 PM

Hey TechPB!

Time to put up one of my favorite gats I have ever owned. I say that without hesitation, as this is the smoothest, quietest, nicest gat I have shot. It has the SC engine, and pillow bolt. I love this gun, and it will be sad to see leave, but I have a college bill coming in less than a month, and I need to pay that more than have this one, as I have another gat I can shoot at the moment.

Marker: Bob Long Ripper Victory
Condition: Mechanically: 9/10 (engine sometimes leaks at airup, seals after a few shots) Cosmetically 7.5/10 due to anno fading.
Color: Dust Brown/Gloss Gold
Upgrades: Critical Deuce Trigger
Known Problems: Anno Fading (heard this is common with the Bob Long brown)
Asking Price: 900
Shipping Options: USPS Priority
Trades of interest: Trades+cash
Location of item: Madison, WI
What is Included: Ripper Victory, .685/.691 Backs, Front, Pressure tester, Gatwrap, Dow 55, Deuce Trigger, Stock Trigger

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Teammate's gun stolen

02 January 2013 - 10:49 PM

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My teammate had this Axe stolen from his house in Whitewater, WI on New Year's Eve, as well as his 50" plasma tv. The thief left wallets, cash, and other valuables, and only took these two items. Please keep an eye out for the Axe, as he literally only got it a few days before it was stolen.

Pumpmag Build

17 December 2012 - 06:59 PM

Hey TechPB.

Putting this up a little late, because after my last two builds I put up here I did not finish, I did not want to get the sell bug before I finished this. I do not have all parts in my posession right now, as some are still filtering in and some are being worked on.

I am building a pumpmag.

For those unaware, a pumpmag operates simmilar to an automag, except there is an additional spring between the bolt and the valve, causing it to not reset fully. The pump rod then presses the bolt over the sear, allowing it to fully reset.

Here are my parts so far.

ULE Body Milled (With Luke)
Minimag Valve
AM/MM rail/sear/axle
Benchmark single trigger frame
Shocktech On/Off ASA and rail.
AM/MM Vertical ASA
Bob Long Clamping feedneck
Dye Xcel barrel
XM15 Pump Kit

What I have in my possession right now:
Posted Image

Minimag valve
Vert ASA

In mail:
XM15 Pump Kit

four macro fittings
1'6" macro

To do:
Send rail to Luke to mill.

why won't my avatar show up?

06 December 2012 - 08:51 PM

I have had my avatar show up previously in the profile box, but now I get this:
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Any way I can fix this? It is quite annoying.