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GXG Backpacks and Large Gun Bag

27 February 2011 - 04:10 PM

Up for sale are 3 GXG bags, two of the very cool Mini Tactical Backpacks, and 1 large gun bag. I am not interested in any trades, as I need cash for my new hobby. Thanks for looking, please ask if you have any questions.

Item: Gen X Global MINI Tactical Backpack - NEW!
Condition: New
Size: (if needed)
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $35 shipped
How Many Available: 2
Shipping Options: USPS Priority Mail
Trades of interest: NONE
Location of item: Salem OR
What is Included: (1) Backpack
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Store your essential gear in this ultra-cool mini pack from GXG. Fully adjustable shoulder straps with side straps for center pocket expansion. Tons of compartments including back flat pocket for storing items such as a hydration system, main compartment features inner meshing for organization, top front and bottom pockets store cell phone, keys, parts or tools. All zippers feature string pulls for easy opening and closing in the field. Small compact design is perfect for CQB battle or as additional storage to compliment existing harness or vest. Length: Approx. 20" Width: Approx. 12" Color: Black

Item: Gen X Global Deluxe Tactical Gun Bag - Large
Condition: New
Size: (if needed) 42" x 13" (will hold a full size tactical marker)
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $40 shipped
How Many Available: (1)
Shipping Options: USPS Priority mail anywhere in the U.S.
Trades of interest: NONE
Location of item: Salem OR
What is Included: (1) bag
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Large sized compartments Made from strong denier materials Holds up to a 72 inch long marker Room for all your added accessories This is brand new, never been used. Dimensions: - 42" x 13"

  • Large sized compartments
  • Made from strong denier materials
  • Holds up to a 72 inch long marker
  • Room for all your added accessories
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Beautiful DYE DM7 W/Yakuza OLED Board

27 February 2011 - 03:33 PM

Up for sale today is my well maintained DM7, I have only used this marker 4 times, and all the o-rings have been cleaned and lubed. There is nothing wrong with this marker, I am changing hobbies (new car) and need some cash for parts (new exhaust). So I am not interested in any trades. Please ask if you have any questions.

Marker: DYE DM7
Condition: 8/10
Color: Dust Red
Upgrades: Drop ASA, Kila Eye Covers and Tadao Yakuza OLED Board w/ Mikko Huttunen Grips
Known Problems: None, No leaks
Asking Price: $450 **NEW LOW PRICE** Total, including Paypal and Shipping
Shipping Options: USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the U.S. w/tracking
Trades of interest: NONE - Need cash for car parts
Location of item: Salem OR
What is Included: Marker, UL Barrel, Extra TechPB Barrel, Yakuza Board, Stock Board, Kila Eye Covers, DYE Barrel Sock, Couple Stickers

Too cold to go outside now, but I do have a shooting video from September on my youtube channel

p.s. I do not need the cash that bad to accept any lowball offers, so save your time. I think this is a fair price.

Link to info on the Yakuza Board:
Mikko Huttunen Yakuza Series OLED Ultralite Board

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The Package

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Flip side

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Close up

Another Two Thumbs Up for Tadao

17 October 2010 - 10:53 PM

Found this older post, and have to agree 100%:

I was having problems with the UL OLED yakuza board in my wife's DM. I emailed Will at Tadao , he said it sounded like the mosfet had gone out on the board and to send it in. I went to the tadao website and prepaid the shipping and sent it in. I sent it in on the 7th from Oregon and he is in North Carolina and on the 14th bam , there was a package at my front door. I opened it up and there was the Tadao board , he even threw in a Tadao decal sheet. He didn't charge me a dime to fix it , this is great customer service from a great company. It is rare to find customer service like this today. Tadao has made me a customer for life , i don't mind giving my money to a company that delivers and a president that cares.

Will big props to you and your company
Thank you for EXCELLENT customer service

Thank you

I just had about the same exact experience, Well actually the exact experience, emailed Will, received a response back the same night, diagnosed the same problem with my UL OLED board, sent it to him (from Oregon), got it back super quick (with stickers).

You just don't find this level of customer service much anymore.

Thanks again to Tadao, and especially their leader.


Robin Hood - Action Acres, Canby OR

03 October 2010 - 07:01 PM

Robin Hood
Link to Website
Friday Night Game “Time Warp”:

It is present day, and you are enjoying a friendly night game when Bruce (Team Black Sheep, Ancestor of the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham) activates a “time warp Ball”. You see Bruce has found out that his team mate “Socks” is the ancestor of Robin Hood, and He wants to re-write history and capture Robin Hood, bringing victory for Prince John. He is taking Socks, and you, to the past, to help with his evil plan! What he doesn’t know, is all of your ancestors take your place in the present! You have only two hours to find the combination to unlock the Ballistic Cube that is securing the control box for the Time Warp Ball. You must find it in the Dark, and while fighting against Bruce and his not so merry men! Use your time wisely and collect props that might help you in the Past, just in case you don’t find that combination.

Saturday Game “Sheriff’s Revenge”:

It is the 12th Century AD in a little place in Nottingham known as Sherwood Forest. Bruce wakes up in the Royal fort of The province of Nottingham! As he looks in the mirror, he sees his face, but is dressed in the Sheriff’s uniform… “It Worked” he shouts with excitement. Bruce wastes no time in putting his plans into motion, he has planned for this day for a very LONG time. He will reign over the people, force them to pay higher taxes and, create his own strict laws. The people of Notingham will bend to his will; Especially with Socks in Robin Hood’s shoes!

At the same time, in a thick forest not to far away, Socks wakes up on a grass matt. As he looks at his reflection in a shinny cooking pot he shouts “Noooooo, Bruce you suck!”. You see Socks can see his face, but he is dressed in the clothing of Robin Hood, a local yeoman. As he collects himself, he looks around at the men and women who have rallied around him at his shout. Socks smiles as he finds his friends in the clothes of Robin Hoods Merry Men! Socks wastes no time, in issuing New orders to his militia. He will Beat Bruce, and when he finds the Time Warp Ball, and activates, he is going to make Bruce Pay when they get home!

Bruce wasn’t totally crazy, he programmed the Ball to return at 3pm on Saturday the 23rd and warp everyone back to their proper place in time; However Bruce forgot where!

Bruce and the “Royal Guards” must suck the province dry of all it’s gold, before the Ball re-appears, and Have it in there safe, in the fort, before Bruce is Time warped!

Socks and his “Merry Men” must endeavor to not only foil Bruce’s plan, but to steal the gold already in the safe, and return it to the peoples bank in Notingham before the main time warp!

In the chaos and upheaval of the time warp, the control box was separated from the Time warp Ball! It will reappear somewhere in the realm at 2:30pm. If Socks can find the box, he can activate the ball at 3:00pm, sending only Bruce back, a full hour early, and 100 gold coins!

  • 35.00 til 9/30
  • 40.00 til 10/7
  • 45.00 after 10/7

Paint: Field Paint Only
40.00, 50.00, 60.00 Pre-Register
45.00, 55.00, 65.00 Regular

Friday 22nd:
  • 4:00 pm Registration opens
  • 5:30 pm BBQ starts
  • 6:30 pm Night game/Safety Briefing
  • 7:00 pm Night game starts
  • 10:00 pm Night game ends for point

Players can play until they tired, but just for fun, no gold can be earned.

Saturday 23rd:
  • 7:00 am Pancake Breakfast
  • 7:00 am Registration opens
  • 8:30 am Safety/Game Briefing
  • 9:00 am Game on
  • 12:00 pm Lunch Stand Down
  • 1:00 pm Safety/Game Briefing
  • 3:00 pm Time Warp Ball is in Play
  • 3:30 pm Armies can start depositing gold in Peoples Bank of Nottingham for scoring
  • 4:00 pm Game End whistle. Any gold not in the Neutral zone in front of Bank of Nottingham can not be counted toward final score.
  • 4:30 pm Awards start in front of action shack
  • 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Open play for campers or those who want to stay
  • 8:00 pm End open play whistle. All shooting must stop. Park is closed for this event, except for any campers

1on1 Pump from SuperGame 40

23 September 2010 - 03:22 PM

Here is a group shot of the players in the 1on1 Pump contest at SuperGame 40

Todd Glidewell was the winner of this event. He won a new Phantom, which he proceeded to give away to a youngster that was watching the whole game.

This was my first pump game, and I did pretty well, went undefeated until I came up against Todd.
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