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What do I do with this girl situation...

13 February 2012 - 09:41 PM

This is quite a lengthy story, so bare with me and thanks for reading.

Background on me: I am 16, almost 17 years old (March). A High School Junior in New York, Track & Field Runner, A- student, Soccer Player, Boxer, Tennis Player, Swimmer and Tae Kwon Do Martial Artist. I do not have the "jock" personality. The vibe I've been told to give off is that I am confident, mostly respectful, funny, driven, understanding and real. I have also been told that one of my main attributes is giving off the "I don't give a fuck" vibe, and some people find it even intimidating. I don't purposely try to give off this image, but I don't necessarily find it a bad thing.

Now, here is what I need help with and what I need to vent out about.

About a year ago, I finally had the balls to break up with the girl I had been dating for almost 2 years. She was controlling, becoming obnoxious, needy and unfaithful to me. The DAY I broke up with that girl, another girl named Courtney started talking to me. We had been in the same math class, had quite a few mutual friends, and she seemed like a great girl. She is also one of the best looking girls in the school, hence why I actually wanted to give her the time of day.

We talked and hung out a lot and really started to hit it off. Our friends seemed to become even tighter as well. I knew I was starting to like her as I progressively talked to her more and more often, but was absolutely terrified of being rejected by her, resulting in me not making a move. Soon enough, she starts to date this guy named Jared. Jared is an immature, goofy kid resembling Justin Bieber in every look that he has.

After school finally got out, about 10 of our friends (including me, her and Jared) were invited to one of our good friend's beach houses on the North Fork of Long Island for 3 days. I had become excited, yet reluctant to go simply because of my developing feelings for this girl. Despite all the time she had been spending with her boyfriend, she would constantly complain to her friends how "immature" he was and how she didn't like it at all. She started hanging out with me more and more, and eventually, when we were alone on the docks she said

"So, I just want to tell you how awful I feel about treating you the way I did. I did have feelings for you, but this whole ordeal with Jared just came out of nowhere. I'm sorry if you thought I ever led you on. I hope you and I can still be as close as we were before."

Shocking me, I replied with "Of course we can Courtney, everything will eventually fall into place." She turns back, smiles and hugs me with a kiss on the cheek as well. We continue to flirt a little bit, getting her boyfriend more and more jealous.

Finally the end of the summer comes, we had hung out quite a few times (mainly in groups). Jared had gone off to a sailing camp. When he returns, she finds out that he had cheated on her with another girl from the camp. Devastated and beyond furious, she calls me crying and asks me to hang out with her and help her figure out how to end it with him. Inevitably, I take her out to dinner and consistently joke around saying to her "This first date is awesome! Looks like we're gonna be getting naked later Posted Image" She responds with laughter and tells me that this was the first date a guy has ever taken her out on. Finally, the real part of the night comes. We meet up with one of her friends and her boyfriend at the movie theater, where she is planning on breaking it off with him. After an hour and 10 minutes through the movie, both of us consistently flirting and laughing to ourselves, she texts me with "I'm sorry" and grasps his hand, then lays on his shoulder. For the rest of the night, I make sure to show her how furious I am, but keeping my true feelings to myself.

About a week later (Mid September 2011), she finally breaks it off with him and starts talking to me more often , hanging out with me and causing me to really bringing back the feelings I had developed earlier that year (before Jared). We talked, and I finally brought it up the question about becoming a relationship. I said "You know, you and I would really make a great couple hahaha." She hesitated a little, and said "Yeah I know Posted Image". I asked her "why the sad face?" and her reply was that "Its just, we work soooo well together. Its almost as if we're TOO similar. I don't know how it would work out. And you mean so much to me, I want to be able to keep you in my life. Even after we go off to college. I don't want anything to screw that up, and I think something like a relationship could do that." My heart sank, and I didn't know what to do. I brought up this entire history with my best friend Neil, who had been much more savvy with girls and understanding when to go in and get out. After explaining this to him, he told me that I should really back off, look at other options and analyze the situation as to what the best thing would be to do. So, I took his advice. I backed off of her, but didn't exactly cut ties with her.


So, the story jumps to about 4 months later (January 2012). After going to GLOWfest at Terminal 5 NYC and hooking up with a few girls, I had developed a little "thing" with this girl named Sara, a senior I had met through Neil (who is presently dating a senior). But, I hadn't become emotionally invested in Sara at all. What this did was take my mind off of Courtney and let me practice my "girl skills". Low and behold, Courtney and I start talking again. But its different, she is being very open with me, also very apologetic and almost trying to "make up" for something. Each time from then on in when we would hang out, go to a party, or even in school, I would see her and hug her, she would hold my hand, and always be flirtatious. I payed close attention to how she acted with other guys too, none of which seemed similar. And progressively, we've flirted to the highest levels we ever have.

I need some legitimate help.

-Am I in the friend zone? If I am, how do I get out?
-How do I go and make a move on her?
-Is it worth even making a move? Or should I not sacrifice the friendship?
-How do I act if she rejects me?

All this has been going through my head for the past year and I could use some more help from my dumb 17 year old guy friends. Thanks to everyone who actually reads and replies to this.

Is Mike really switching over to the Empire Prophecy?

16 August 2011 - 02:16 PM

My 5 friends went to PSP New Jersey, and knowing that I was a huge fan of TechPb they decided to go over and talk to Mike. They told me that APPARENTLY Mike was switching from the Pinokio over to the Empire Prophecy. I don't know whether they are pulling my leg or if its true. Any word of hearing this? Mike, if you see this thread, please give us your true verdict. Thanks

LNIB Pinokio w/ Nose Cone

15 August 2011 - 07:34 PM

EDIT: I've decided to keep the hopper, I'm too in love with it.
Hopper: Pinokio

Condition: 9/10
Color: Gloss Black
Upgrades: None
Known Problems: Minor scratches and small signs of wear
Asking Price: $100 OBO
Shipping Options: USPS Standard
Trades of interest: Empire Prophecy v2
Location of item: NY, USA
What is Included: Hopper, Original box, manual, nose cone

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Large Empire 2010 Contact Pants

26 July 2011 - 11:03 AM

Pants: Empire 2009 Contact- Large (edit: its 2009, posted wrong year)
Condition: Good (9/10)
Color: Red/Black
Known Problems: Left Pocket zipper is broken
Asking Price: $50.00
Shipping Options: USPS Standard
Trades of interest: Empire 2010 Contact- Medium
Location of item: New York
What is Included:

I really need the same pair but in a Medium Size, let me know if you can trade me the same color pants (or just black) in medium. Thanks

Posted Image

WTB Dye Arm & Knee Pads

23 July 2011 - 05:28 PM

I'm looking for Dye C8 and up Arm and Knee Pads. I'm 5'9" about 136lbs, so I need a Medium Knee Pad and a Large Arm Pad.