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Barrel Data

03 May 2011 - 01:59 PM

Hey guys, im thinking of getting a new barrel and im trying to get some numbers from cockerpunk and Bryce's tests
i'd like to find the fps differences
i have a 1 piece 14 .689 bore so if there was something similar to that in their tests that some1 has the results of that would be nice

and i want to upgrade to a 2 piece 14 .679 again results for this would be nice

New upgrade

02 May 2011 - 06:00 PM

Ok im looking to upgrade my gun from what i have now. Im about to start playing speedball

first off heres my setup dangerous power g4 rotor and 68/45

I dont need opinions or what people think is cooler i have my own opinions
im looking for someone who has owned one or some of these products and can tell me how much they improve performance

what im lookingi to improve is noise reduction, efficancy, and consistancy
im thinking about upgrading a couple things

first thing is the techt bolt for the g4
this is i believe $70

the other thing i was thinking about getting is a barrel ive looked and seen a couple things

a regular cp barrel back .679 with dynasty front (i dont like the look of the regular front :S)

freak 2 piece barrel .679 insert( american front)

Furious lotus 2 piece barrel (forget bore size iether .678 or .679)

im also considering the hyper 3 regulater( not sure if this will improve consistancy, or efficancy
and pretty sure it wont do anything to noise but i kinda like the idea of rubber grip and my reg leaks a little when i air it up)
think this is $75 not sure