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Pump hoppers

25 August 2010 - 01:48 AM

Hey, i need you guys to help me, im starting out on pump, i already know to use the ninja 13/3000 tank but i dont know which hopper to use?!?!?!

Im thinking about getting the gxg pocket hopper or the winchester or the sportsshot or even the proto primo loader.

People are telling me that the winchester is the best but it has a "pringles lid" which i hate.

The gxg pocket hopper looks good but people say it doesnt feed well

The sportsshot just plain doesnt look good to me but i havent seen a review of it yet so i need to know if it feeds well and all that.

The primo loader seems really nice and feeds pretty dang well but im just scared its too big, because i wanna be carrying around a paintball gun set up that weighs about only 1.5 -2 pounds.

So yeh, give me your opinions, thanks. :D