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What is your all time favorite feild and why?

28 September 2008 - 04:22 PM

What is your all-time favorite feild an why?

Mine: Nitro Paintball in Canton Ga

Why: Good Feild, just love it there. The owners and staff there are amazingly nice to everyone. Really good prices!! And all around great place to go.

Your Turn

Smart Parts Vibe

26 September 2008 - 10:33 PM

Hello =p
well i actually own a sp vibe


great beginner gun
awesome easy to clean bolt
red LED on/off
amazing trigger. no need to upgrade
very easy to clean
3 firing modes: semi-auto, 3 shot burst, and full-auto
10 in' stock barrel
no upgrades for it yet
and now i hear there is a virtue board for it. (i'm not sure)

thats about it here are some things that i got for the gun that i think make it a lot better

freak jr. barrel kit
48ci 3000 tank
new grips
drop forward (i dont have one but its optional, i dont like them)

yeah thats about it......

if you can think of anything else feel free to post away.

no flaming all will be reported

and remember this topic is for beginners looking for a good beginner gun. dont make fun of this gun.
it just proves your immaturness because you have to pick on new people to feel better about yourself
because u have no life.