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Mask lens is flaking?

27 July 2014 - 07:28 AM



Afer not being able to play for a long time, I got to go out finally.
When I came home and cleaned off my mask with a wet cloth. The outer side started flaking off some small film like material. 
What can be the cause of this.
(for the sake of the picture, to show the issue more clearly. I blew on the lens to get that fogging)

Im still considering getting a Dual pane lens for my Profilers, but I want to get the most out of this first..

Bike help

10 January 2014 - 09:44 PM

So, my road bike brakes have been getting quite mushy.
obviously the brake pads seem to need changing, but I need I need to change my brake cable too.
since there is like nothing left there, because i did a bad job last time with that.

when i pull my brakes, its a spongey pull down, and the return is very slow. I only get a really effective brake towards the last 80% of the pull.


would changing the brake cable do me right? I will just get a whole kit to replace the cable sheilding too.

Im thinking about this kit, would it be suitable?



my max is 25 dollars shipped (if anyone suggests any other options)
since i got a 25 dollar AmEx gift card for christmas, thinking on using it for my current form of transportation. 

Waffle needs weight loos help

18 September 2013 - 10:46 PM

So.. I havent posted on here in a long while, was doing other shit.


Ive also been lifting and cutting for a bit during the beginning half of this year, sadly i didnt get to where i wanted too. I plateaued around half way and didnt notice for a long time.


And Ive been fucking tired and sick of not being where I want to be for a long time. 


I was around 220 at maximum. Ive gotten down to 198-200

Id like my end goal to be around 180, what Im guessing what would be around 10%bodyfat for me... w/e

Im 6' 1" if that matters


My diet is consisting of small portion of oatmeal in the morning, I cant tell you how much since my mom makes a huge pot full for everyone to eat.

My lunch and dinner are the same essentially. 

Its half a chicken breast and some occasional veggies that I find/like.(horseradish, pepper, tomato,pickles)

Ive cut out the rice side, since I need to drop the carbs in those meals, need to go very low carb in reference to previous diet.


I usually have like 6 chicken breast that I grill at once, and each day I eat about one total. No more.

I try to drink around a gallon a day, I have a 1 gallon Arizona jug, and i refill it in the morning if I drank it all the day before.


My workout plan isnt very consistant, since we have guests over for these 2 weeks (since i started like.. the beginning to this week), Im on a different schedule than before.. less free time.


Heres what I attempt to get in, if I can get all these in for one day, its a good day.(in no particular order, these all happen through out the day when I have time)


2 mile jog followed by some interval sprinting work. I want to get like 30 second sprints, but wasnt able too today.(I hope to eventually be able to run more, its just mental as fuck, really boring no matter the music)


3-4 sets of 15-20 push ups.

3-4 sets of 15-20 crunches

5 sets of ~5 rollouts 

3 sets of ~5 pull ups

--Sometimes a 10 mile bike ride with like interval "sprints" (just pedaling at full intensity at highest gear)


So far, I havent been able to do something like this, that I want too. been able to get 2-3 at least.

I dont really have access to a gym anymore, that option is gone.


So.. I need suggestions for dieting, Ive been told by a fairly knowledgeable friend to cut out sodium,sugars. drop the amount of carbs, and keep the protein levels the same roughly.


I want to know what other alternatives i have for the food Im currently eating.

Eggs is an option in the morning, but its not as filling/energizing I guess.



Suggestions for dieting and what other exercises to incorporate? or attempt too


My ultimatum to change my physical life has a goal for the end of this physical year. If I can achieve this sooner, it would be better. I can then start doing other stuff I want too.

Great Music videos

02 September 2013 - 11:05 PM

What music videos would you consider to be... brilliant, or "fucking great"

I mean in terms of cinematic-ness


Like something like this, I consider it to be fucking brilliant.

Really well done, great shots for it all. Love the theme of it all

Like, i would watch a film made by the same company that did this video.

the video for Dark Days was also pretty well done also.


You guys have any music videos you like?

Help me find new bike tires

30 July 2013 - 12:07 PM

SO.... both tires on my bike got stabbed somehow.. w/e

I needed new tires anyway.

The old tire size was 27x1 1/8

Ive looked on the rim/wheel.. and it says 27x 1 1/4 .. is that saying I can go upt to a 1 1/4th sized tire?


Also need some inner tube, probably want to guy 4 right now, just in case for later..(2 to use now, 2 spares)


Im a bit lost with the sizes that are in metric, mostly because i havent seen a good conversion charts..

I dont fully get it.. The metric part isnt what gets me, just switching over for sizes..



any suggestions for tires?


Ive looked at Continental Gatorskins in a store, not sure if I like them.. they seems slick, since it felt like foam rather then rubber.


Also, this is mainly for like a commuting bike, I dont need full on race tires.. something with a fairly good tread.

Id prefer to keep it a Schrader Valve, my wheels are sized for that (though im sure you could just fit a Presta through).

And i dont know if we have a pump that fits Presta valves