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12 September 2010 - 02:52 PM

and isnt the etek 3 cheaper and also comes with a oled and the ego 10 doesnt? just based on that id rather get a etek. and besides i heard that if you get the bolt upgrade then the etek is even more equal to the ego

alright guys im trying to decide between the etek3 the dangerous power fx or spend that money on playing because i have a tournament this coming sunday its just a little begginers tournament which i have a great feeling that im going to win because last game my team was the top team at the tournament there was 2 other teams out of state that cherry picked the top 2 places. but if my team pulls of a win i get a 200 dollar gift card and if i wanted to i could sell me uppd g3 and get an etek3 or an fx which i couldnt decide because ive heard that the fx is better than the etek3 but then ive heard that the g3 uppd is better than the fx so i cant decide between that than i have the option of spending that on playing so im lost and i could use some help!

Great Gun easy to tune , You have The ability to shoot Normal Paintballs Or First Strike rounds

DM9 is almost identical internally to the DM10. I've owned all three and while you can't really go wrong, the Geo2 is vastly superior to my DM10. I also prefer it over the EGO.

EGO 10 Vs. GEO2 Vs DM10

12 September 2010 - 10:33 AM

Posted Image Hey guys I am new to techpb sorry if i do something worng but i am looking to a get a new gun soon I am hevily leaning towards PE but everyone that i know says that the DM10 is the one to get can you guys pls help and give me your thoughts and ideas and do you guys know if teh ego 11 will come out before chrsitmas thanx. peace out