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In Topic: American Football

02 December 2013 - 12:45 AM

If you really feel the need to justify to a bunch of random strangers on the internet that your way of playing with balls is better than someone else's way of playing with balls (haha balls), then go right ahead. You play soccer, cool, we get it, but a grand total of zero people give a shit.


And one more thing, I can totally see why those kids in school gave you shit. They also don't give a shit about soccer, but they seemed to know exactly what to say to piss you off and amuse themselves. 


One more thing (srsly last thing this time), AoSpades brings up a really good point about the real world. If you're gonna go and throw a temper tantrum on the internet because someone doesn't absolutely adore soccer like you, then you might have a few problems when the real world decides it doesn't like you and wants to kick you in the face.

That's the thing, we don't care if you like soccer, just don't go around telling us our sport sucks and is easy and what not. That is what the OP is about, not that they don't like it.

In Topic: American Football

01 December 2013 - 11:23 PM

Things like "who has the ball?" can pretty much be mastered by a 10 year old in a matter of seconds.

That's not soccer though. If there was a game called who has the ball a 2 year old could master it. 

In Topic: American Football

01 December 2013 - 11:19 PM

More so than other sports? I'm not saying it's really simple, but you guys are breaking things down into absurdity just to make it seem like there's lots going on.


If you want to sway people with your argument, present factual, well thought out posts rather than list after list of absurd things that 10 year olds master after 2 games.

Yes more so than some sports, I say tied with others though. And there is a lot going. Also, I didn't make that list, I was just simply replying to what he had to say.

Lastly, if 10 year olds mastered that after two games then they would all be making millions right now on a club team.

In Topic: American Football

01 December 2013 - 11:11 PM

Lol @ you guys trying to break down Soccer like it's some multifaceted aspect of mental Olympics.

I'm not gonna lie, I had to google the word "multifaceted," but yes it is.

In Topic: American Football

01 December 2013 - 11:07 PM


Soccer, lacrosse, and hockey are all more physically demanding then football. So football is out of the picture.


In soccer you are looking at two halves of 45 minutes. There is 90 minutes of action. Every field player is constantly in motion, no matter what their position. As a midfielder there are a million things on your mind.


- Where is the ball?

yeah, try that same scenario with a full face mask and restrictive padding keeping you from completely turning your head around

I agree with this.

- Who has it?

Soccer fields are so large that if you honestly have to ask yourself that, you shouldn't be playing

- Where should I be?

playing your designated area, striker, defender, etc. are not that hard of positions to remember where to and not to be

Everyone does have their designated position but a lot of times you will need to make a run or help out a teammate, which requires you to get out of your position.  

- How far should I lead him on a through ball?

Passing in football is the exact same thought process

Only the QB has to worry about that, in soccer everyone does.

- Should I place it on the ground? Or in the air?

Seriously? This is getting silly.

I agree that is a silly argument but he's right in that soccer requires a lot of mental questions like that.

Not to mention that for 90 minutes you are running almost nonstop.

There are these things called subs, don;t act like you run the entire, full 45 minute halves.

I play all 90 minutes of the game, most people do. Unless you get hurt.

Not only do you have to run, but you have to trap, dribble, mark, block, tackle, chase, shoot, pass, etc...

You ever stop to actually watch what people in other sports must do in split second fashion? I don't think you do.

It is a lot harder to have control with a soccer ball than any other ball.

Penalty kicks are taken from 12 yards away from the goal. If the ball is traveling over 70 miles an hour there is nearly zero time to react.

And this is where you are wrong. See, soccer goalies are supposed to be good at reading body language. Which way their body is facing and where is their foot coming down to strike the ball.

Yes Gk's are trained to read body language, but what if I'm showing right and I go left? I just scored. Sometimes even if the goalie reads it right, the ball can be perfectly placed allowing no chance at all to get it.

That gives them a split second to consider a general area to which the ball is going to travel, they have time to react, just not that much. Baseball players have almost the exact same amount of time to react to a pitch being thrown.
Will the ball hit me

If it hits you then your job just got a whole lot easier, all you have to do is take your base. Don't get me wrong it hurts.

Is it inside the box

Is it outside the box

Easy to tell. Yes i played baseball for like 6 years I know.

Is it a curveball

    will it be an inside curve

    will it be outside curve

Is it a slider

Knuckle ball


four seem fastball

two seem fastball

None of that really matters, all you need to know is if you should swing or not.

where do I need to hit it

should I try and foul

should I bunt

    should I bunt to first or third

A batter knows all of this before the pitch is thrown.

should I take the hit


idk about that one I know i wouldn't want to get hit with a fastball  ;) 


I can go on about this for days, sound familiar?

My replies are in blue.

I deleted some things I have no comment on. 

Now baseball is a cool sport and in no way am I hating on it, I just think soccer requires more skill.