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In Topic: What field do you play at?

16 September 2010 - 07:47 PM

my favorite field to play is probably carnage paintball. they have a wide variety of fields to play at. you can also BYOP so you dont need to pay 60-80 dollars a case. the staff there are really cool. before i had my tippmann a5 one of the refs actually let me use his gun for a speedball game. it was pretty cool. you can get lunch and everything for 5 dollars. the shop there isnt that big. i dont get alot of upgrades from carnage.

2nd favorite is Maximum Paintball. I hear a lot of negative comments on this place but i never had dealt with any of the problems they stated. you can also BYOP here but field paint is 60 dollars. its better than a lot of other places. there are like 5 fields but they are pretty small. their shop is crowded but there are a wide variety to choose from.

Wildfire (indoor): here i didnt really enjoy as much as other places. its one indoor field and the field is pretty decent. i see that they change the bunkers around like every month. they have a pretty big proshop for your upgrades to apparel. the staff there are really cool and are able to help you with your gun if you have any problems. the paint is a bit pricey. 80 dollars a case and its field paint only. another thing i didnt like was that the field is pretty dark. there are like 2-3 lights inside there. i have an empire events mask and the clear lens got messed up because its not a great lens to begin with but the tinted ones were thermal and work really well. when i use my tinted events i cant see anything going on in there so i dont like how its so dark.

Paintball Atlanta: here its a pretty popular place. it has a wide variety of fields from speedball to woodsball. the proshop there is probably the biggest one ive seen in georgia because im limited to where i can go cause i dont have a car yet. ill be getting my car in the spring! woo hoo. so the proshop has a wide variety of products. the thing i dislike about this place the most is that the paint is 80 dollars a case. i dont know about you but i cant afford to pay for 80 dollars for 2000 paintballs. yet its the closest field to my house but i always try to avoid paintball atlanta because of the price.

i play at Paintball Atlanta all the time, im going there next wedsnday the 22nd of Septmber with some friends be fun to play with some other people hit me up sometime. :rolleyes: