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Paintball ATLanta

16 September 2010 - 07:12 PM

Hey guys I have been going to Paintball ATL for 2 years now. The fields are great and can suit any experience level. They have 7 fields. 1- mounds field, it is made up of piles of dirt- I dont care for it much. 2- lego field, is is made up of block bunkers and shields- its a fun field good for faster games. 3-brush field or hybrid field- made up of diferent types of bunkers and the the center is trees and brush- this field is good for people that like to switch it up. 4- is the capture and defend field- has a fort on one side and mixed bunkers- fun field to play lots of angles. 5- tower field- has one center tower with mixed bunkers all around- try to be the first ones to take the tower.- 6-speed ball field- smaller field for fast fun action includes snake- love to play on this field because its more my type of game. 7- hyperball field- typical hyperball field made of pipes with a rocket in the middle.- my most favorite field of all, best for people who like to get right into the action!!!. They also have a large woodsball field for people that are intersted in woodsball.

Overall I would rate Paintball Atlanta 4 out of 5- they have really nice staff, people willing to help you with any problems and answser all your questions. They stres safty there which is great and they will get on you if you are making it unsafe. The reason why I didnt give a 5 out of 5 is because of there prices. It is alittle spendy to play there- paint is $80 a case(2000 paintballs) and u cant bring your own its field paint only (FPO). the way around that is to buy a session pass- they are $90 and are worth it if you go quite often like me because its 20$ off a case- your field admission ($10) is also free with session pass.

I am going this September 22 (wed) for the early realse for all forsyth county schools with my friends come play with us and give this amazing sport a try Posted Image .If you have any other questions dont be afraid to email me I will be happy to awser them also here is the website for Paintball Atlanta http://www.paintball-atlanta.com/