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Mike - Marker Bids

06 February 2011 - 02:23 AM

Mike if you read this:

All I got to say is you truly are a -expletive- genius. Wish I had thought of this. I'm sure someone takes a cut somewhere along the line though.

I got money to spend...

05 January 2011 - 06:02 PM

Alright so first off, I want to get rid of the stupid spring trigger on my Rapper. BL guns are so bouncy. Anyone know where I can find a magnet trigger kit? All I found was the critical trigger here. http://www.criticalp...-p/cri_marq.htm

Looks kinda funky but if anyone who has one on their marq, is it decent?

Second, I'm rebuilding my Autococker pump from the ground up. It's completely stock so I think it is time for some aftermarket love. I'm going to get a bunch of CCM parts for it already and I want to know if the CCM bolt is comparable to the Shocktech Supafly bolt. They are both delrin so cant be that much different but everywhere that I've read claims that the Shocktech bolt is ungodly.

Hopper Advice

05 November 2010 - 12:36 AM

I'm going to be purchasing a Bob Long Marq Closer locally via craigslist. It's got a Tadao OLED, 4 eyes, pillow bolt, and the whole nine yards minus the proficiency engine (i think). I'm getting it for 430 and he's selling a rotor with it for 500. I don't think I'll have enough for both but I know someone personally who's selling a XSV Velocity for 40 bucks. Not sure about the details on the Velocity but I'm not too keen on the constant buzzing sound.

I'm in between about whether or not to get the Velocity now or save up and buy a halo or prophecy. I don't really need something that shoots 29402934 balls per second for all that experimental shooting people do. So the rotor isn't really necessary. I'll be mainly playing speedball/xball at my local field and I won't be shooting more than 12.5 bps (PSP/semi).

I was considering the Pinokio however I'm leaning towards a smaller profile and I heard they don't fit well on the marq closer.

I have 2 jobs, one pays weekly other pays biweekly, so saving up money is no issue. So my main question is to wait and buy one loader or to wait and have two loaders and sell the Velocity if I don't like it?

Autococker Pump Farting like a champ

28 October 2010 - 11:08 PM

I've been reading up on this issue but a lot of them are old threads and I don't understand most of them.

Could someone be kind enough to walk me through what needs to be done to fix it?

It was shooting like a dart gun earlier and then it started farting up a storm after about the 3rd game. Is it the spring or what? I bought this gun off of craigslist and the previous owner was a little kid who didn't really take much care of it (dye UL barrel was all scratched up and proflex mask lens i bought as well was all scratched).

Now, what do I need to buy or how do I look and see what's causing the problem?

Also what other maintenance would you guys really recommend. It's pretty much stock from the ground up minus the pump kit and the UL Barrel.

Edit: I've had it for about 6 months, probably put about 3 cases since I got it.

Did I get a bad batch?

21 October 2010 - 11:19 PM

Is it just me or did I get a bad batch of regular evil? Not Ultra evil. The local airball field that just opened here by my house is field paint only but it ranges from entry level paint up to marbs/evil.

I play pump so that might have to do with it but this stuff bounces like crazy. I'll shoot someone or a bunker thats between 20-25 feet away and it bounces. The FPS limit is 280.

Did I get unlucky or is stuff always like that? I've shot Ultra Evil in my pump and loved it (How can you not, am i right?).

For a visual description it is a yellow shell with the notorious evil "e" and bright neon yellow/green fill