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In Topic: Prize for living legends?

06 February 2013 - 09:29 AM

I'm a living legends first timer so I don't know, is there a prize for the team that "wins"?

Sign up for the horde and come see me, will give you schwag of some sort ;)


This has been an official bribe brought to you by Sqyire.

In Topic: Social Paintball Banned from the NPPL

14 January 2013 - 02:56 PM

Wow, alot of stuff flying around in here.. let me just say first I love to play paintball. Hope we can agree on that even if you hate me, cause in paintball thats cool as you get to shoot at me in person, not throw daggers online.

Let me assure you all, there is more to this story. Most of you saw what was posted publicly, just use your imagination of what Mr. Connell sends privately. Maybe there is a chance he may piss even one of you "saints" off?? ;)

All that aside, reporting on credible "leaks" is an acceptable practice. Since the leak was their own website, it was news worthy. Any errors were labelled on the post or the post was modified with updates/changes just as any other news source would do. Just think of how many incorrect facts flow in around leaked news or live coverage. No news source takes the leaks down if they are from a credible source. They retract/ edit/ label the info as "leaked" etc. Which is what we did. Personal threats take things to a new level, especially when unwarranted and leaving no time for more professional interactions.

As for the deleted parts of the conversation... Mr. Connell deleted his comments, so most direct responses to his messages were deleted by each of us respectively as context was lost. But no worries, sure its around somewhere, but probably best for it to go die some awful "aesop's fable" death somewhere.

If you believe that a news source (or anyone) should cave in response to someone who is upset about their own organization's mistakenly "leaked info" and then makes threats, then I recommend a different country of residence other than the USA. Bullying is not ok in general. Trying to bully a Dominican from NYC is just something to avoid entirely, lol. Any of you would have handled this better.. of course... as its easy to be the arm chair idealist.

Could we have done better, definitely. Could Mr. Connell? Ask him.... Do you have all the info or knowledge of the degree to which things went so quickly.. no you don't.

Do I respect people here who stood up for their friends online, yep. Its what friends do. The ones that say nothing or run for cover when shit goes down, or cave in to bullies, just set some nasty precendent. I don't know Frank Connell at all, but I respect that he definitely isn't a guy who would leave his friends hanging. Neither are Israel or I. So, sometimes things that are alike repel each other or butt heads. Tempers flare. blah blah blah I am as guilty as anyone else but will admit it and apologize when called for.

So, please reserve judgement and soap boxes. Shit happens. Things get out of hand sometimes, how we deal with them going forward is what counts and hopefully everyone learned something from this. Me, I just added another layer of thick skin to this unappreciative industry.

I love to play paintball, I think Mr. Connell does as well. So there is something we can agree on.


In Topic: DM6 vs upd Etek 3 AM

24 October 2012 - 09:15 AM

I vote dm6. Its what I use and I love it. But, make sure you dont mind doing maintenance as spool valves do require a bit more attention.

In Topic: Multiple Banners for sale (eclipse, virtue, empire, critical)

24 October 2012 - 09:13 AM

$60 shipped for Critical, Red Virtue, and Planet Eclipse.

In Topic: Multiple Banners for sale (eclipse, virtue, empire, critical)

24 October 2012 - 09:05 AM

$30 for Critical, Red Virtue, and Planet Eclipse.