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Asics Nimbus 11

14 August 2009 - 04:26 PM

not sure if this would go here, or online sale hunters?

anyways, you can get some amazing deals on Asics nimbus 11's on ebay right now.

i got some a few months ago after i lost my nimbus 8's and i love them. theres a metric shit-ton
for sale on ebay in all sizes/genders and there has been for a while. these are 130 dollar shoes for
50-80 dollars.

just go on ebay and type in "asics numbus 11" and there ya go

i used my old numbus 8's for everything, football, track, ski team, paintball. i swear by the asics
nimbus line, give them a try. go to your local sporting goods store and try them on, find your size then
get em on ebay

Bangor Paintball Scene

13 August 2009 - 08:17 PM

does anyone know if there are any plans to open a field in the bangor area.. because that would be pretty sick. i remember brian from splatz saying something about it a long time ago on myspace right after splatz bangor closed.

and from muh hommies in the bangor area, where do you guys play?

ok, i got it the first time

09 August 2009 - 10:51 PM

you know what i don't get, how on internet forms when somebody asks a question 20 people respond saying the exact same thing

as an example

Question: what kind of threads does my Vice take?

Answer 1: it takes cocker threads

Answer 2: cocker

Answer 3: cocker treads

Answer 4: Autococker

Answer 5: Auto Cocker treads

Answer 6: v1ces t@k3 aut0c0ck3r thr3ad5

Answer 7: I think Bob Long vices take autococker threads, im not sure though..

Answer 8: cocker

holy crap people, idk why this bugs me it just does

Whats unique in your gear bag?

06 July 2009 - 10:35 PM

what do you have in your gear bag thats helpful, but not a lot of people have? like mikes air in a can video a while ago

Me, i keep a pair of dog/rabbit nail cutters in my bag, it cuts macroline at a perfect 90* edge every time.

setup for co2

27 June 2009 - 03:38 PM

i might be getting a really old angel pretty soon and i have no way to get hpa. so my plan was to get an anti syphon tube installed in my tank or a remote line and a palmers stablizer reg. is there anything else i can do to help make sure co2 doesn't get into the gun? and how would a cp reg work with keeping co2 out?