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In Topic: so what actually cuases barrel breaks?

19 November 2008 - 01:54 PM

Guys, you're forgetting about the Cyclone. It's pneumatic but it's in sync with the gun for every shot and the rest of the loader isn't putting pressure on the ball in the breech. It does have it's flaws with pressure/volume dependence, which can cause under/overcycling.

I'd like to see a electronically controlled cylcone that is connected to the gun's board. If the gun and loader's boards are married through a connector at the feedneck, sharing settings would be easy and need only one set of settings. Perhaps and on/off cycle and cycle timing settings to be shared so that the loader would know when to start/stop and how fast to load.

Yup! The cyclone is exactly what came to my mind as well Odin. Sync it to the bolt cycle electronicly would be best of both worlds. Great idea!

In Topic: so what actually cuases barrel breaks?

17 November 2008 - 02:11 PM

indeed it does.

but we are limited by the pure kinematics of it all. we have a time we need to accelerate the ball in, so the force can only ever be so low. to go any lower means changing the time, and thus the barrel length, efficiency ...

in terms of pure barrel break is, IMO, not something our gun/loader/barrel can really prevent. that is what i have been thinking since the barrel break test.

the question though has become - is there such a thing as a pure barrel break?

meaning, as i asked before is there a way that a paintball might find itself in the breach of the gun unharmed by teh gun, and yet still weak enough to be blown up by the power pulse.

i think finding that out is going to be a tricky endeavor.

but i like our new term, loading fracture.

i know thats something snipez has been thinking for a long time too.

i would love to see a tapered barrel breach, or something like that. otherwise, im not sure exactly how and what breach features need to be changed to prevent breaks. it seems to me it is more like a loader/gun issue then anything else.

Speaking only for the Tippmann a5 marker, Palmers brass barrels, Hammerhead Fins, J&J, and Smart Parts backs feature a tapered breech. The distance the ball must travel from the time the air discharge event first occurs, to the time the ball reaches the control bore has a measurable and repeatable influence on what I refer to as "pre-control bore blow-by". But this thread is about the breech and breaks and not air efficiency so I guess I should leave it at that for now. Posted Image

In Topic: BT TM-7

11 November 2008 - 03:40 AM

To mount my Qloader I bought a Smart Parts SP1 mounting kit from Rockstar Tactical. The kit came with what Qloader calls the R.I.S Rail and a Custom Mounting Socket. I attached the rail and socket to the left side rail of the TM7 and then ran tube into a qloader feedneck that I also bought from Rockstar.

Thanks for the info Varnel,
Your "TM" looks great!

In Topic: BT TM-7

10 November 2008 - 01:24 AM

*lowers gun profile a lot (no more hopper hits)
*weights a lot less than a electro hopper
*qpods feed balls into the gun quick and consistent
*switching out a qpod to reload is much faster than filling a hopper with a pod
*no batteries to die on you

*reloading each qpod is a pain until you get used to doing it
*each qpod only hold 100 balls compared to 200 of a hopper
*if you loose a qpod you're out 15-20 bucks

*the main use of the reddot is to ensure my first shot goes where I want it to
*makes sighting in your next target much easier and faster
*can still easily aim with it while a mask is on
*looks awesome

I have a "Q" and all the "factory" optional mounting hardware for my a5. I think the "Q" may be very well suited to the TM7. Maintains its small, low profile etc. Could you please put up some pics that show the mounting details for your set up?
Thanks much

In Topic: "The Valley of the Low Pressure Zone"

15 October 2008 - 03:26 PM

Unfortunately I have not, but I also run it as low as 275psi, but I have been contemplating raising the pressure for exactly the reasons you addressed in your test... which lends weight to some of my more "theoretical" concerns.

I would probably switch to your setup with the AKA reg and the extensions if I was willing to spend more money on my A5... once you hit that 1k mark, I'm pretty sure its not worth it anymore.

I'm in the process of custom making my own marker, and this along with a couple other threads have proven that my main operating assertions for my custom marker are correct, which I'm very glad to see.

I know what you mean. After a certain point the cost/performance gain becomes questionable.
Producing your own marker sounds like an enormous undertaking. Great to see such enthusiasm.
Going to be a LP woodsball style marker?