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Feast your eyes on a pair of these. Sexy!

07 February 2013 - 10:33 PM

Thought you were going to see a pair of boobies didn't ya... sorry to disappoint.
Was just going through shoes online at dicks sporting goods and stumbled upon this pair of Adidas golf cleats...

Posted Image

...are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? At first sight I was thinking... wow wtf they are getting wacky with shoes these days, then it dawned on me... those are frigging perfect! Not only are those a flexible cleat, those are waterproof. No more paint goo soaking into the shoe.

I wonder how these hold up durability wise... I just may have to order a pair and compare them to my HK Army cleats. I like my HK cleats for being lightweight, flexible, and breathable, but my complaint is that they are lacking durability on the soles... the bottoms of the HK's are super soft and get torn up around where I live we play in the sagebrush and tumbleweed lol. So it seems that my HK cleats aren't really made for rugged ground, but they would be perfect for soft turf and indoor AstroTurf fields.

Anyhow what think?