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06 August 2011 - 09:33 AM

try em all on... im going with proflex's because there fucking amazing :P

Idk where to try them on... Where i live the closest store is 1.5 hours away...........

I love my vents. Best fitting i've had yet. I love my proflex's and always will but the vents blow them away IMO. I just like the way they hug my face and make me feel all comfy and safe Posted Image and the field of view is actually pretty awesome. Plus they are breeze to take apart and clean! I like the profits too but honestly would rather the vents overall. And the best part about mine? Purchased brand new for $50 when one of the local pro shops, ECX, closed out. So a sad purchase but not one made in vain Posted Image

In Topic: The Axe Conglomerate V2.0

03 August 2011 - 07:09 PM



Stock designs only :/. Still not bad for Kohn!

In Topic: The Axe Conglomerate V2.0

02 August 2011 - 10:27 PM

Hey all havent posted in a while but have a question for you guys who play semi auto what do you have your trigger setup like and if u wuld want to take measurements of how much screws are sticking out but tht means removing grip frame and stuff so just do it if u can

There really is no "best" setting. There may be suggested settings but ultimately the only way to get it to where you like it is while you are at your local field....just play around with it between games. I prefer to do it this way as I find I shoot differently while in a game then sitting in my EZ Chair with my earbuds in.

Trial and Error, friend.

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02 August 2011 - 05:30 PM

Heres the LASERMYGUN.COM pricing list for basic laser...

Laser Engraving prices

<P class=content>
  • $30 body letteing (player/team name, phrase, ect..)
  • $50 Body logo/graphic
  • $75 full body design
  • $50 barrel wrap-around design
  • $100 full body and frame design
  • $150 full body, frame, and barrel design
So looks like we were both wrong. And I was looking for a basic body graphic not a full body wap. So techniqually $50 for my design but $100 for the that full wrap idea.

In Topic: The Axe Conglomerate V2.0

02 August 2011 - 05:25 PM

^ it might cost extra for a custom pattern.

well i dont know exactly how to give them to this, as its not my pattern. i would have the find the orginal sketches correct?

Thats correct. The machines they use are much like CNC Lathes in that you can input a design to the computers and it engraves the entered pattern.

i cant find the hk pattern anywhere on kohn. so um...

To clear up the pricing KOHN is $350 for custom patterns. LASERMYGUN.COM looks like $50 per side for body. Then it goes up from there but only like by another $25 for barrel or what ever.

for lasermygun.com its 50$ per a side for LOGO's. ive called them before

"Per side" ;) hahahahaha