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Axe Function Issues

29 July 2011 - 02:37 PM

Had the axe for about 4 months now. Never had a problem and enjoy the hell out of it.

Went to turn it on to prep for this weekend and power button will not work. Strange thing is, I can cycle through the options with the function button and it appears to be able to change settings but I can no fire the axe or turn it on or off using the power button. I also seemingly can not do a factory reset.

Yes I have air, Yes they are fresh high grade batteries. I played once in the rain months ago but sealed the grip with half a roll of tape. Axe still worked during and after that just fine.

I dont know what to do. Called Empire, the receptionist couldnt help me and the Techs were not in? Awesome.

Im hoping someone can help.