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Spare Parts for K-Pump II

24 February 2013 - 07:25 PM

I recently got a KP II and love having tons of spare parts around for repairs (I have 15-20 rebuild kits for my DM9 along with 3-4 extra detents and 2-3 eye pipes, solenoid gaskets, etc etc) So I am itching to get parts for my KP II. What spare parts are most needed? (ie cup seals) and what other parts should I invest in for possible trouble down the road? (ie, replacement valve)
Iv been looking around ANSgear and there are a lot of extra parts, but which ones would serve me the best?

Im looking at the rebuild kit x3 (or x5) and the Overhaul kit. What other things should I add to my list? Any input or ideas would be much appreciated.

DM order of setting the settings (for a DM9)

23 October 2012 - 08:34 PM

Alright, as of today,I am a first time owner of the DM platform (a DM9). I have done a lot of forumresearching/techpb vids to get a good handle on what to expect with my DM9. Iam more focused on how to properly tune then gun. All the forums i have read sayto begin with a different thing. I am trying to tune my gun for best consistency,so i know i need a medium/high dwell (19-21), LPR a bit lower than stock, andHPR set to the fps I need.

BUT which one do itweak first???? Do i change my stock dwell of 18 to 20, and then adjust theLPR, and the finally the HPR? Or do i begin with the HPR being at the fps idesire and then adjust the dwell and then the LPR? Or another combination? Any help and tips would be most appreciated. Thank you very much