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In Topic: Co2 on an HPA only gun.

05 August 2011 - 11:43 AM

So I know its a bad idea to put Co2 on a gun that only uses HPA, but if I ran the co2 through an expansion chamber and then two regulators and kept my bps under 10 I shouldn't run into that many problems right?

Buddy, don't try it, it's not worth it, another problem you didn't think of with CO2, is that the output pressure changes with the temperature, HPA only guns are not designed to have changing input pressures, what will happen is that your velocity will be all over the place, and it will probably damage the internals of the gun.

In Topic: gog extcy or empire axe

05 August 2011 - 11:39 AM

im a beginner and i have a 2011 azodin blitz.i want to move up a step in paintball.should i buy the extcy or the axe

Go for the AXE, no doubt about it. Look, even pro teams use the AXE, how many pro teams do you see toting the extcy?

In Topic: what can a gun I need?

05 August 2011 - 11:36 AM

ok am new on this and what can a gun I need for a airball field??? the cheap one please..... because a dont wanna buy a tippman A5 for a airball field right??? hahaha thank you for replys

Buddy, try an Infinity Legend, it's not a very well known gun, but it's only $350 brand new, and it is competing with ego's and DM's

In Topic: EGO lube: grease or oil?

05 August 2011 - 11:33 AM

Okay so i have a 07 ego and i was wondering if i have to use the gun oil it comes with? Or can i use any kind of lube whether it be oil or the thicker grease like hater sauce.
Any help with be appreciated. :)

Nightmare, in general, I recommend using the gun oil that the company recommends, Eclipse oil would work best for most Eclipse guns, Dye lube would work best for most Dyes. But you want to pay attention to how thick the stock lube is, I know on an Infinity Legend, it doesn't come with lube, so I looked at the manual, and it said only to use oil, but not grease, so I used Tippmann oil. When it comes to different designs for guns, some designs work better with oils, and others work better using actual lubes/grease. (don't get me wrong, I only recommend using oils/grease specifically designed for paintball, DO NOT use something you'd find in your kitchen/workshop such as olive oil, or engine oil.

In Topic: New member!

05 August 2011 - 11:26 AM

I couldn't resist living a life without paintball being part of it. The withdrawals were killing me ever since the NPPL games at Huntington Beach. I'm hoping I can find a good deal for an Axe on here to get myself back on the field! Will it be difficult for me to get seller's to take me seriously since I am new to the site?

Just remember, you aren't going to really get any steals for an axe since they are relatively new. If your looking for a good gun that is a little bit cheaper, try an Infinity Legend, Mike loved it, and I own one and it beats 08/09 Egos out there on the field.