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In Topic: Blitz leak

03 January 2012 - 12:03 PM

Pretty sure it'll be the low air that's causing your problem. The Blitz regulator needs enough air pressure to maintain a seal against the valve.

Give it a little tech by greasing your reg o-rings and oil the striker, valve o-rings and double check your reg is adjusted far out (between 4-5 turns counter-clockwise from snug should be just around 250psi at that, careful not to over-pressurise or it'll blow the clear reg piston o-ring) enough to get your velocity to around the 280fps mark and fine tune over the chrono with the back adjuster.

In Topic: Invert Mini Virtue/Stock Board Problems

15 October 2011 - 04:27 PM

Check your connections between the eye board and grip board.

I saw a Mini that was acting up like this a couple of weekends ago, it turned out that the kid had taken a bad dive and bent the air transfer plate at the grip ened. So the main board was not contacting correctly with the eye board.

Take the grip off and when you put it back on, make sure you have good connections and push the grip home firmly and re-tighten the allen bolts holding the grip in place. Perhaps even a tiny dot of blue loctite (blue is not the really stick fast stuff right ?) may help hold it back in place. Do up your grip screws tight enough, but never over tighten. Snug is always enough.

Hope it helps you out.

In Topic: zenith tech t hush bolt

14 August 2011 - 07:14 PM

Shouldn't this be in the T's for TechT products ???

it would but we are just talking about how it works it the Azodin products

Should still be in the T's...

only sayin'... :rolleyes:

Nevermind... I'm tired. -_-


In Topic: cost of a day of play?

13 August 2011 - 02:18 PM

Standard - Kit rental, lunch, free tea/coffee all day air/co2 inc 50 paintballs 12.50 - $20

Bronze - standard + 300 paintballs 32.50 - $53

Silver - standard + 500 paintballs 42.50 - $70

Gold - standard + 1000 paintballs 62.50 - $102

Extra paint:

100 - 7.50 - $12

500 - 35 - $57

1000 - 65 - $105

2000 - 110 - $180

Most days I play I use my own marker and equipment. Members get 12.50 standard entry free and with member discount a case runs 70 - $114 so we usually split between two members and have two bags each for 35 -$57...

In Topic: brand new tank heating up?

12 August 2011 - 07:12 PM

I filled a brand new 4500 tank to 3000, it got so hot I thought it was a problem.

After an hour or so it had cooled and lost 300-500psi, filled to 4500 after that cooled down it read 4200 then topped it up and played with no problems.

It is normal, the heat builds up from the friction generated as the air compresses in the tank and becomes more dense. As that energy dissipates, so does the heat.

It's 1am here, why I am so smart ? I should be drooling on my pillow at this point, not being all sciencey Posted Image