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Sexy Black SM-1 Pump Marker WTT/S

01 October 2013 - 02:21 AM

Marker: SM-1 Pump Gun
Condition: 8/10 Small nicks, the front block needs a paper shim in order to line up with out moving out of place with the body guide holes), and the grips are slightly cracked but it is merely cosmetic.
Color: Black


Empire Nano Feed neck

Check-It Reg

Trinity On/Off ASA

Custom Lexan Zombie Grips

Known Problems: None other then described under condition
Asking Price: $350 OBO ~ Mostly looking for TRADES
Shipping Options: Will be discussed with buyer
Trades of interest: Other SM-1s have priority, Other Pumps THAT'S IT
Location of item: So Cal 92562
What is Included: Everything in pictures 


*No Barrel*


**I can switch the pump handle with one that accepts the hitman mod if that would sweeten the deal on any trades

Contacting Sanchez Machine?

28 August 2013 - 01:27 AM

I really want to contact Sanchez Machine because I own a first gen SM-1 Pump gun and the front block is very easy to misalign with the pump rod holes during aggressive play. This creates the rods to scratch and the pump stroke is gritty and very hard to pump. 

I really want to talk to them or someone about getting a new front block that doesn't have the pump rod guide holes so that there are only one set of holes to go through. 

I attached a picture to help talking about the part I'm describing.

Someone please help!

Purple Bandana Modded Proto Switch

16 August 2013 - 07:00 PM

Item: Purple Bandana Proto Switch
Condition: 9/10 used but in great condition
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: 35$
Shipping Options: We will discuss
Trades of interest: Aqua Flex Parts, Exalt Speedfeed, Exalt Barrel Maid
Location of item: California 92562 (Jungle Island is my home field)
What is Included: Mask, Clear Thermal Lense, Strap, Chin Strap and Purple Bandana Modded frame
Ok guys this is an awesome custom mask and I'd like to get it sold fairly quick because I need money to continue to play on my team. I am willing to trade but I would like to get CASH for this. I am very flexible with shipping and we will discuss the shipping method upon purchase. I doubt there are any other Switch's like this so this is technically a 1 of 1.
I can post more pics upon request.
***I may or may not be willing to do a Bandana Mod service depending on how many people ask about it. I can do Pods, Masks, Hoppers, anything really.***