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In Topic: Ego6 vs Etek 2

14 November 2010 - 05:52 PM

What's up guys, in the market for an older high end, and trying got my eyes on 06 egos or Etek 2's. Which should I go for?? And what's the general price for these markers and if you know much about them give me a run down of the markers, are they optical or micro switch? Are they reliable? Pros cons for each. Thanks!

according to the running techpb blue book the Ego6 is valued at $250 and the Etek2 is valued at $200
people are going to try and charge you more for them but i would check around
i believe they are both mico switch but you can google the manuals and find out for sure

not much more ik about them

Wow, there's a bluebook?! Or is this unofficial

i have an ego06 im about to put up for sale, it is silver with green parts and has an oled virtue board and stock board thats got a cracked screen. i will sell with both for $280 as is, no barrel...pm me for pix, its works great u wont regret it

In Topic: dp g3 or 06 ego

14 November 2010 - 05:48 PM

i'll sell u an ego6 with a virtue oled board, no barrel for $280 its silver with green parts and stock grips, if ur interested pm me i will send u pix of it if u pm me

In Topic: Alien Independance VS Geo 2

14 October 2010 - 02:22 PM

Sorry but what's wrong with his marketing? What happened?

Sweep bolt is what happened. Jack Rice claimed the bolt could make your shots go farther and flatter. Punkworks showed that it was all BS and even with all the info Punkworks has Jack Rice still claims that the sweep bolt works.

In theory the sweep bolt should work. If it does indeed even create the least bit of gyroscopic backspin then it would reduce the air friction inflicted on the ball thus making it go further ( simple physics ). But in reality this just isn't the case. Even giving Jack rice the benefit of the doubt, even if the sweep bolt does create some sort of backspin, it isn't nearly enough to create a noticeable difference in the distance or trajectory that the ball has.

ok not soo much shooting farther or flatter but think of it thisway the ball always has the same backspin so in theory u would have a better grouping because the balls would mostly be curving/ dropping vertically instead of many different wayss

if it had more backspin then it would shoot further... this is where the understanding of simple physics comes into play. why do you think the apex barrel and the flatline barrel shoot farther than regular barrels :tup:

this shouldnt be stated with the flatline it shoots further because its a curved barrel its not straight it starts from the gun rises goes straight and near the tip rises a lil more makin the ball move up...the apex is a different story it puts spin on the ball from the tip of the gun which makes bolt spin different than an apex, the sweet bolt causes back spin to make it a flatter shot with better groupings tho he did lie about the distance it doesnt get the distance he acted like it could but who cares its a paintball gun ur not gonna be shooting it from a mile away anyway unless ur a dumbass

In Topic: Alien Independance VS Geo 2

12 October 2010 - 08:32 PM

even though mr rice has "made questionable claims" his markers still shoot far better than most egos. they shoot really soft and smooth, as well as quiet for a poppit. I also really like the super low feednecks.
in most respects i think he indy is better than your typical ego,

but agree with most people abiut Mr rice and his questionable marketing.

i agree tho i dont like rice and his claims and comments i still would take an alien over the geo2 i just love the sweet bolt and and love the accuracy and performance from alien, plus they just look bad ass with a sly

In Topic: Alien Independance VS Geo 2

12 October 2010 - 08:28 PM

the alien is a poppit...performance wise its like comparing apples and oranges due to dye being a spool and alien being a poppit but both guns definetely perform

the geo 2 is planet eclipse not dye