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Advice on whether or not this trade is worth it.

12 June 2013 - 09:26 AM

Hey all. I don't know whether or not to put my post here or not, but here goes. I have been offered a trade, $80 and my spyder aggressor which is in good condition, for an excellent quality wgp autococker, the autococker is a stock autococker. No mods at all. I've tried to attach a picture showing a similar autococker, unfortunately I'm still trying to figure put my ipad so it might not have worked.

This link should have a picture that is pretty close to the autococker I'm talkin about. The picture that pops up in the top left corner.

Naming Your Markers

16 November 2012 - 07:07 AM

So, I recently bought myself a Tippmann 98c and as per my custom, after I test a new marker out, I name it. Two days ago I thought to myself "Am I the only one who does this, or is this common?"

I have two markers.

My spyder aggressor: Frosty

and my Tippmann 98c: Iwasawa