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GI MILSIM 50 cal dead :(

13 February 2012 - 01:15 PM

After approximately 6 months of countless emails and phones calls all over north america I have come to the conclusion GI Milsim 50. Cal devision is closed.

For months I've been trying to get my hands on replacement eyes for a nano and looking for a GI freak barrel kit for the nano as well. I search the web calling proshops from coast to coast and I found no help. I emailed gi milsim support site dozens of times in this 6 month period and no responce. At one point in my search I think I even accidently called someone very important at GI they put me in contact with someone in canada that. Was helping me find this items but was not able... I had shops call the dealer in the us and canada and did not find any replies. Proshops are unable to contact anyone about :50 cal markers nor replacement parts. I dug deeper and ended up calling the headquaters in canada and left a voice mail and no reply after which I called the number at gi sportz to see if the dealers could help me find atlease the barre and found nothing ! After 6 month I have call out the seach and declared gi milsim presumed dead..... I love 50 cal and the gi guns its sad to see such a great product go to waste. Ill still be shooting it cause its an awesome set up even with no eyes still rocks!

.50 gi barrels

04 February 2012 - 07:35 PM

Has anyone seen the gi .50 chameleon freak barrel being sold anywhere?

anyone from mass heading to LL5

04 February 2012 - 07:31 PM

So I decided ill be heading to chicago in may for living legends V ... looking for other people from mass to roll with represent MA. I will be planning on joining the new empire

Dangerous Powers G4 And GI Milsim Nano!

29 January 2012 - 04:40 PM

Hello Techpb ,

Like many of us i'm trying to get to Living Legends V and as much as i hate it, i have to rid of a few things i love this two guns and hate to let them go but i need CASH! LLV!!!!!
i will look at trades but i am really looking for money to get to LLV. i take care of my markers like my children cleaned and oiled after every game.

Marker: GI Milsim Nano
Condition:7/10 only issue is the eyes are broken. even with eyes broken have never broken paint.
Known Problems:eyes are broken
Asking Price:400 OBO price drop 350
Shipping Options:your choice
Trades of interest:
Location of item:Boston MA
What is Included: Original Case, Marker, Barrel

Posted Image

Posted Image

Marker: Dangerous Powers G4
Color: red and Black
Known Problems: when really cold out leaks by the macroline it goes away after a few shots.
Asking Price:300(/s) or OBO price drop 250 with freak 200 without freak
Shipping Options:your choice
Trades of interest:
Location of item:Boston MA
What is Included: Original Case, Marker, stock barrel, Freak barrel with insert .691

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

.50 cal Apex

09 January 2012 - 06:13 PM

so i was bored this weekend started to think about planning my voyage to LL5 and thought to myself hmmmm wouldnt it be nice to have a .50 cal apex for my nano? the apex2 seems sooo simple! so headed to lowes to get a few things. got 3/4 black PVC pipe and robber tubing to use as spacers. after spending sometime studying the apex2 i decided to make a prototype and see if the same physics would apply to the .50cal. so i put together a rig on the barrel made from the robber tubing and made a flap from the same robber tubing to use as the curbing device. i glued/taped everything in the 3/4 pvc pipe and mounted it onto the barrel. i took it outside and shot about a quarter hopper and it does give the ball a curve!!!! there were inconsistencies but i can attribute that my maldesign of the rubber. its not sercure in the apex and it doesnt have the same consistency as the apex2 rubber with has better friction and its contoured to the ball. now that i know its possible ill be making a more solid design. ill put up a shooting video this weekend by the time i get home from work its so dark cant really shoot a video.