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Lots of stolen gear

27 June 2012 - 11:03 PM

So i've recently posted about my gear being stolen from my house on pbnation, and was contacted by another user about it being for sale on pbnation. I contacted a detective and was told to wait to contact them about the gear because they would follow up when the police report is filed. I'm currently dealing with pbnation to get information from the user selling to bring to the police.

I'm posting here because i would like to ask B/S/T Moderators to keep an eye out for it, in case it shows up here as well. I will be keeping close watch on most major paintball forums and online auction sites as well, but ANY help is HIGHLY appreciated! This gear means a lot to me, and for someone to steal it and try to sell it leaves me more than angry! I'm sure a bunch of people feel similar about their gear!!

If anything surfaces, you can contact me fastest at mxnick24590@aol.com

The more information i can bring to the police, the better!!

My sincerest apologies if this is the wrong place for this thread, i'm just trying to get word out there!

- Classic Impulse, no barrel
- POW*MIA Ego9
- Black/Red 09 Impulse, no barrel
- Black Metadyne thumper w/ no barrel
- 2 Black ICD Thundercats
- Black/Green Empire Prophecy
- Black/White Dye Rotor
- 68/45 Crossfire LP tank
- 6845/ Guerilla Air with micro myth
- 68/45 Crossfire HP tank

#7 of 24 POW*MIA Ego9

and the impulse is pretty recognizable!

I'm still sifting through thousands of pictures to look for any pictures of the guns and gear and serial numbers.


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ICD Desert Fox and Thundercat

25 June 2011 - 12:13 AM

These are two markers that most of the people on this forum may have never heard of :tup:

I was recently looking for a video of one of the ICD Mech markers with very little success. These videos are basically just showing the markers shooting, not meant to impress anyone. I'm sure a good amount of people haven't even heard of these markers either so they're interesting to say the LEAST!

Brown Camo SM1

19 December 2010 - 04:36 PM

• Marker: Sanchez Machine SM1
• Condition: LNIB
• Color: Brown Camo Acid Wash
• Upgrades: CP Pro Mini asa, CP Shorty Reg, CP 14" .685 Classic Barrel, CP Clamping Feedneck, Black Macro Fittings, Ninja Thick Teflon Tape, Smart Parts Thin Grips.
• Known Problems: NONE
• Asking Price: $415 USD
• Shipping Options: USPS priority (Can overnight if sold for asking price before the 22nd of December 2010 :D)
•Trades of interest: CCM J2L straight ONLY, Otherwise its for sale ONLY.
• Location of item: Boston, Ma
• What is Included: Marker + Upgrades Listed

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