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In Topic: Proto Rail 2011 Asa prob..

01 September 2012 - 04:33 PM

Buy a CP On/Off ASA and save yourself the headache?

In Topic: Paintball scene in/around DC?

31 August 2012 - 04:20 PM

So now that you're here in the Colonies (hah!) and have had some exposure to some of our fields and game types (scenario, rec, speed, etc.), tell us what you think? Also, are you going to the NPPL DC Challenge at Pev's in September?

If I can get up there, yes. But that's doubtful at the moment so I can't be sure whether I'll be in attendance. As far as comparisons go, paintball is paintball, regardless of where you play. D-Day up at Hogback was brilliant, but it wasn't any different to a UK scenario. The only significant difference is that the UK scenario scene is larger and due to the size of the country, the frequency of games is higher. But in a one-versus-one comparison I'd argue that D-Day (Hogback) was just as good as any scenario I've attended back home. So far as the players are concerned however, I think there is a slight difference, though it is telling. I got the impression both on the field and off it, that the players were a bit more welcoming and talkative here. Back home people usually split off into their own social groups or teams at scenario games, and thats that. Venturing out and talking to them is like talking to that hot girl in school whilst she's surrounded by her feral friends. Its intimidating, and they often make you feel foolish. At D-Day people seemed pretty jovial and decent when I approached them, and players seemed to be talking in-game more frequently than I had expected.

Probably will hit up this Zombie game in October. Though I'm not sure I'm ready for round two with 'that hill' at Hogback...

In Topic: 2011 proto rail vs. gog extcy

01 August 2012 - 09:08 AM

Good write up. However, the Rail is no-where close to 18bps. Its capped out at 14.28BPS which makes it considerably slower but, given the modes available and the restrictions one finds at every field, it very rarely stacks against it.

In Topic: An experiment

31 July 2012 - 10:01 PM

Amen to that, I shoot PE now and as for their email being rushed, theres no way thats rushed a rep sat there and typed that out for me. If it was perfect I would have assumed that he went and copied and pasted pre typed information and sent that cookie cutter to me or anyone else that asks about the GEO he really genuinely took the time to stand behind his product!!!

No comment on the response from mac dev.

To clarify, I was merely observing that the email had several errors, had to re-read a sentence or two, but nothing major. The rep probably didn't go over it enough before he sent it, but I' not taking anything away from the content. Considering PE employ a handful of people on this side of the Atlantic I'm very impressed with their response. I'm kinda biased because they're a British company, but I genuinely think they have the best CS out there. I've attended numerous events back in the UK where they send their tech's to take care of players and their equipment, and they've always gone above and beyond for their customers.

In Topic: An experiment

31 July 2012 - 07:17 PM

Planet Eclipse should get your vote. The Clone email is laughable in comparison, and even though the PE email seems rushed, they put their heart into it and gave you an honest opinion. If PE hadn't emailed you so quickly, Dye's silence could have been excused, but given the facts their lack of interaction should disqualify them; unless they pull out a sensational email from their proverbial backside soon.