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Macroline Advice

21 May 2012 - 12:45 PM

Looking for some advice with regards to replacing the steel braided line on my 2011 Rail with a macroline. Maintenance on the regulator has become such an absolute nightmare when you have to virtually rip off the steel line just to get at it, that I just want it replaced so as to avoid the headache. I have the general idea of what parts I need (an ASA, the line itself, fittings etc.) but with such a wide variety out there I was hoping someone would be kind enough to narrow it down. Especially with regard to the fittings.


Promoting: Players or Industry?

28 April 2012 - 01:43 PM

I am very skeptical towards comments that stress that the players are the only one's responsible for this process. If you took the same theory to any major retail outlet, manufacturing business or any national company and told them to cut all the funding from their PR department, so as to allow their customers mobility to self-promote the product the company was trying to sell, you would be thrown out of the office or scheduled for an "optional" drug screening. Its absolutely barking to assume that we the players are solely responsible for the growth of the industry.

This industry is in a very niche part of the market, with barely enough profit margins to make outside investments worth while. So that excludes any possibility of some Russian oligarch coming along and pumping millions into the sport to get it some recognition from the outside world. So we have to look at ourselves and figure out how best to proceed. Which then would give some weight to the players-over industry argument, the players are after-all the one's arguably most vested in the sport, and are mobile utensils for potential sales, so why not put the burden on them and hope for the best? Well, because that would be wrong. Personal individuals with no monetary investment in the sport (i.e. very few amongst us put food on the table through paintball) are not going to have the necessary drive to promote the industry, and even if they did, their consumer base is going to be heavily restricted by where they play and the numbers of people who attend said site. This would mean that you would only affect a very scattered, small group of people, most likely on a weekly basis with no sure fire way to know if you'd managed to have any impact on a potential customer. Its shotgun tactics, hoping that one guy with a flashy Ego is going to convince a couple people from a group that paintball is the destination their money should be heading. Its also small time, and I think we can do better.

Where people get it right however is not to expect a great deal from the industry to promote itself. Companies are bound to put their own self-interests first. Planet eclipse doesn't promote paintball, it promotes Planet Eclipse. Dye don't promote paintball, they promote Dye. And so on and so on. Tippmann is the notable exception in that it tried to advertise the sport through media outlets, but we can't be sure how effective that proved to be. In any case, it can't be seen as going far enough. I suppose the problem with the companies that operate within this industry is that they have a large bias when it comes to their domestic markets as stated previously. Dye's DM sales are going to be more important to Dye than regional levels of player-participation at local fields. That is a given. The problem arises when we come to the realisation that regional player participation directly affects Dye's, or any other companies, sales figures. It doesn't take a genius to work out that new players mean - at the minimum - sustainable growth/sales, and that if we can't pull people in then eventually we'll lose out. Yet the only way to really affect player numbers in any positive way is through promoting the sport, which is not really being accomplished. So how do you promote the sport effectively?

Take the middle ground between the two. In my opinion, the players are fantastic mobile 'sales-reps' who can and have influenced rentals in a positive manner. Yes its somewhat scatter tactics, and is often un-successful, but its undeniable that the guy with the flashy Ego does turn a few potential customers heads. And of course the industry has to promote itself through the companies involvement. They are the one's who futures depends on paintball, they have the most riding on its success or failure, and they also have decent amounts (though not huge, admittedly) of financial muscle. Its going to take a collective effort to promote growth however. Dye, Planet, Tippmann, Empire,Valken, and all the major 'players' would have to contribute to this effort. Tippmann had a good-go at it, but no matter how big they are in paintball, they are still relatively small in the outside world in comparison. And when this promotion steps outside of our niche community and is aimed at people who have never even held a paintball marker, then the responsibility has to fall on the entire industry; not one single company. In summary I think it would be wise for self-interest to take the back seat in board meeting across the industry. If you want sales figures to spike, look at how the sport it being promoted, and think what can be changed. Whilst not forgetting how effective the players themselves can be in promoting the sport.

Its entirely debatable however. You can view it differently to how I have, but I think this is the logical answer to how best to address this lack of advertisement. You have to take advantage of the tools in-front of you, and so far those seem to be solely the players themselves, but it does not mean this is how it should be done.


Quick question

29 December 2011 - 11:11 AM

I'm flying to the states in a few days with all my PB gear (excluding the tank, as I can't use it over there) and I'm just wondering if I should remove the regulator on my Rail pre flight or not?. I just have this feeling that I should take it off, but if someone could validate that for me I'd appreciate it.


Worst sports related injury, ever?

27 December 2011 - 08:51 AM


Paintball scene in/around DC?

28 September 2011 - 07:27 PM


I'm a British national whose gonna be studying in the Arlington area for a couple of years and I'm just wondering what the paintball scene is like around here? I've heard good things about Pevs but not really heard of anything else, so am I missing everything else or.... ?. I'd also like to know how much paint costs because I'm reading a lot of people giving different sums, anything from 40 all the way to 80 a case depending on where I look on the interwebz. So some clarification on what to expect would be awesome. Also, what can I expect with regard to style of play? back home speedball is more of a niche part of our community, whereas America has always seemingly taken it more seriously than we do. So is it mainly woodsball or speedball around here? Not fussed either way though personally, just semi-curious. I've still got to work out a few things before I start college next spring but thought I'd get the heads up so to speak beforehand.