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Another G3 Problem

01 December 2010 - 10:28 PM

Ok, I have a G3 IQ that I bought new about a year and a half ago and I probably shoot about 600 shots through it every week during the season. A wile ago I had a problem with my reg giving huge pressure spikes but I got that resolved after a good cleaning. This is where I'm at with my new problem:

-Turn the reg down so it shoots at 160fps. No problems
-Then I slowly bring the pressure up until it gets to the 200fps range. Now maybe every other trigger pull works
-Keep turning it up until I'm at the 230fps range and the gun will not fire at all. (not even a click)

I have put a fresh battery in, cleaned/lubed everything including the noid. Tank is full, no leaks, eyes on or off doesn't matter.

So I'm left thinking that my only option is that my noid is dead.
Any help/thoughts/suggestions is greatly appreciated.


DP G3 accents trade to black?

21 October 2010 - 09:18 PM

Want to make all black G3, looking to trade someone for their blacks instead of spending like $60 from DP store and having 2 sets of accents.

Item: Silver accents
Condition: 9/10
Size: G3 IQ
Known Problems:small scratch on the RAPS arm from use
What is Included:clamping feedneck, eye covers, reg collar, RAPS arm, trigger, back cap

Will do USA shipping no problem.

- High Res-
RAPS arm