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06 December 2010 - 07:26 PM

Alot of people be hating on azodin and i dont know why, maybe because they have never owned any of their markers. Reasons why azodin is good. 1: their tech support is awesome i just got off the phone with then and since alot of people dont buy their markers you dont have to be put on hold their quick and easy to talk to. 2: their guns shoot awesomly! I have a blitz and it ripssss! 20 bps on the airball field, with a invert halo too is an epic combo. 3: Their guns are user friendly! On some slgs there are these little switches on the board to change the mode. on a blitz/ zenith its a 2 button operation! 4:Alot of potential! You can upgrade a zenith to be a d2 torny marker by just upping the bolt and feed neck! a gun $250, techt hush bolt for the gun to shoot longer smoother and quieter= $45 cp ion threaded feedneck= $30! thats about $335! for a d2 marker. Thank you and STOP HATING ON AZODIN THEIR A GOOD COMPANY AND I DONT UNDER STAND WHAT THE HELL MAKES A SPYDER CLONE OTHER THAN THE PRICE RANGE, THATS LIKE SAYING IF DYE CAME OUT WITH A NEW GUN THAT WAS IN THE $150-$200 RANGE PEOPLE WOULD CALL THAT A SPYDER CLONE!

empire Events

11 November 2010 - 01:56 AM

well i have a invert helix and ive never had a mask with soft ears and im wondering maybe, just maybe do the empire event's soft ears fit on the invert helix?

My gun

30 October 2010 - 12:11 PM

Okay so i have my gun which is an azodin blitz. I really want to get into torneys but i dont know if its legal for a torney. Should i up it? My friend made me an offer for a cp 2 piece barrel for 20 bucks and i need new fittings and im not a huge fan of the twist lock feed necks. should i up my gun? or save my money for a new gun? or should i buy a new tank because my tank right now is WAY too big for me. its a nitro duck 68/4500 tank and my local shop sells nitro parts. Thanks for the help!