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Questions about Phantoms shooting.

18 November 2011 - 12:24 AM

How often do you break a ball?
What the best paint you've shot through your Phantom?
How loud is a Phantom in comparison to say your average Spyder?
How many balls do you shoot a day? yeah i know, teehee etc etc :rolleyes:

Ahhh Community

16 November 2011 - 05:35 PM

Might I say... :wub: :wub: :wub: Allison Brie :wub: :wub: :wub:
Favorite episodes EVER!
Old but had to post this since it was on the other day.

Hey guys i'm needing a little help again!

15 November 2011 - 10:23 PM

So I've decided to order a CCI Phantom (Blue Anno) off of Paintballgateway. I really wanna figure out what else to buy with it to make a great pump setup.
So the situation is I would have $110 after the purchase, what else should I buy to accompany it? I've been looking at some options such as....

Phantom Detent Rings (obviously)
Ronin Gear Wrist Harness
10 Round Tubes
2011 Planet Eclipse Elbow Pads (Don't have any)

Open to any and all suggestions though, fire away oh pump sages!

VSC Setups

09 November 2011 - 11:34 PM

Ok I've been looking at Stock Class and Pistol play due to my lack of speedball fields around here, lack of serious $, and overall love for the styles (speed and aggression). I have three options i'm really liking for under $400 new.

A.) CCI Phantom *silver acid wash*
with a Ronin Gear Wrist Harness, Detent Rings, Plenty of Ten Rounds, 2011 Planet Eclipse Elbow Pads

B.) Lapco Grey Ghost

C.) Tippmann TiPX
with 4 Tru-feed Mags, Dye Tac Vest, Tech T Spring Kit, 2011 Planet Eclipse Elbow Pads

What do you guys think is a better option?
Also.... Drool :wub:
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New Pump

06 November 2011 - 11:58 PM

So I'm looking at getting a new Stock Class Pump, i got tired of using mechanical markers (wasted a lot of paint that way) and love the limit that Stock class pump puts on my trigger finger. (been using a buddy's vsc Phantom)
So I will be using $400 this Christmas to buy a pump. Any suggestions on a marker and/or ups for that amount?