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Team Emblem and Sig Shopping Required

06 September 2011 - 09:14 AM

Hello chaps, i have need for some photoshopping work. A crisp fresh digital $5 to whoever does the best job.

Firstly, i need someone to take the recon ghosts emblem and tinker with it slightly -

Posted Image

Make it more block colour, so it looks like the original design rather than a picture of a patch. Then replace the 'Recon' above the skull with 'Essex'.

Then take this other design i had done a while ago (props to zack for this one) -

Posted Image

Put these two emblems into a sig next to each other, on the left side. On the right, put some white text with 'JJ GBR' and underneath 'Essex Ghosts'. I may also need other names put instead of JJ GBR for the rest of the team. Then underneath that, 'Proud to be sponsored by Paintball Underworld'.

Surprise me, $5 to the winner.

PSIWorx Proconnect 3 Leak

05 February 2011 - 11:45 AM

Has anyone encountered problems with a proconnect consistently leaking, even after chaging Orings? Mine began to leak from the connection to the gun, and the amount of air leaked increased when you wiggled/twisted the female part. I replaced the valve top oring, as demonstrated in this video -


Which briefly fixed the problem. However, after less than another case, the same leak (exacerbated by moving the female portion of the connection, when attached to the gun) occurred. I don't believe i've had 2 defective orings with one remote, something is obviously going wrong here.

Roll forward?

09 January 2011 - 02:32 PM

During a walkon today, i was having the problem of my gun (Ego6) registering no paint in the breach - when there was. After a bit of tinkering i found that the paint (both polar ice blizzard and frostbite) was so small it was damn near rolling halfway through my detents before getting stopped. This was sufficiently past the eyes that they would not pick up the paint. I ended up just turning them off and shooting blind (cue some chopping), but i'm still interested by this.

Anyone else noticed this? It is just the decreasing size of paint i keep hearing about, or my detents? I've used this gun with multiple warm-weather paints and never had this problem, i'll bust out the digital calipers tomorrow and get some measurements.

Phantom Price

06 January 2011 - 01:26 PM

Ok, so i have fallen in love with this (frankly gorgeous, in my opinion), Phantom, for sale in the UK. Bear in mind, i've been playing for about 4 years and this is the first phantom i've seen for sale.

The guy wants £250 plus delivery for it. That's the same as $386 dollars, call it $400 posted. I don't really want the 2 extra barrels, a spare pump handle, a bottom line kit and asa, but it seems i don't have that option - he's not splitting, whatsoever.

I think that's a tad on the expensive side, but i don't know much about phantoms. Thoughts?

VSC phantom with silver/gray anno wash *done by wevo paintball when they were in operation
Stock 11inch barrel with rear gauge reader
Acrylic pump handle, feed tube and feed cap to match the anno
and an adjustable T-stock
10inch deadly wind barrel (obviously phantom threaded)
12 inch stiffi barrel (obviously phantom threaded)
Spare parts and seals when bought
Also a spare parts and spring kit was purchased
Detent Rings
Spare pump handle
10 round feed tube so the feed tube can be adjusted to 10 or 15 balls with spare feed tube and feed cap in black
Velocity Adjustor
Drop forward with on/off Asa and all the parts needed to run it bottom line with any bulk source of air or co2
Macroline with two fittings


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Posted Image
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