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Local Shops Are Shutting Down

25 October 2010 - 06:01 AM

Loads of shops are shutting down, and its really starting to bug me. Is it just that the United Kingdoms paintball community is just to small? How can I help support them? These are some of the questions i ask people and my self every day i see a failing store.

For example, there was a little shop in Oxford it was open for a very short time and before i could even go there it shut down. They sold all there paintball gear for Ridiculous prices and the closed up shop leaving the paint balling world.This may have been a small store but every little help - no plagiarism/copy intended

i have been playing paintball for a fairly short amount of time, about 1 and a half years in fact, and in all that time I have only heard of 2 paintball shops. None of which are near me and take me about an hour to get to.
The problem is soo bad that even fields are starting to not have paintball shops.
But its not like there aren't enough people to play paintball. I mean there are loads of people playing paintball at my nearest field, the only problem (not a bad problem) is that they, like i was, are new to the game and play it for the purest of reasons - to have fun....
We as fortunate community of paintballers need to advertise the posibilites that paintball offers to the average every day 'fun player'.

Doing this can only do good, one thing it will do it provide the motive for shops to start up and help supply these new players, and it will also grow the dwindling/small paintball community in the United Kingdom.