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Mods to t9.1/rebuilding

11 February 2013 - 11:21 AM


So this maybe a redo thread cause i dint use the search function, but I recently picked up a used t9.1 that is in parts. Im rebuilding it and putting on a ROC stock, im using this marker for scenario games when Im not using my SP1 (which has a leak somewhere im actually tearing through it right now) anyway it needs a new grip and safety but i had a few questions for those who are more experienced in this then iam

1) can you use the t9.1 without the safety?
2) have you had anyproblems with certain barrels not being able to accept the magazines? previous owner told me some of the mags didnt work with the lapco barrel he had for it and since its in parts i cant test this out, but it is a first strike ready barrel
3) what kind of function problems have you had with your marker?

thanks for the help and info