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Nice Black/Green Phantom Package Cheap

03 February 2010 - 08:15 PM


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I have recently got this phantom in a trade for a sniper. It shoots great and is a beuty in person. it looks great all around. There is one small scratch on the left side of the bucket changer and one on the adjuster knob thing on the adjustable T-Stock. The rest is dirt from the feild. Ill clean and lube the gun before i send it out. Its also got Dye stickies 3 lnib and nib spring kit and detent kit. Really want a T2 im willing to add. I also got a vice in my sig that ide trade for a T2. Thanks
Marker: CCI Phantom
Condition: Great
Color: Black/Green
Upgrades: Dye Sticky3's
Known Problems: Overatractive. Other Then That None<_<
Asking Price: 250 OBO
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: Open Class Pumps
Location: Lancaster, PA
Included with deal: Everything Pictured

Black Green Acid Phantom
Dye sticky 3's
Spring Kit
Detent Kit
Ghose Ring
Matching barrel plug
Stock grips
couple 12vies and couple 10 rds
Ill Take more pics if requested

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Heres For The Mods
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Bob Long Vice

26 August 2009 - 02:56 PM

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I have recently got a bob long Vice in a trade. The gun shoots very smooth. Its all stock. I am looking to upgrade to something better/newer. I got $200 bucks to addthanks.

Pillow Bolt
Tadao Musashi Board
Power Trigger
1 of 1 OREO

Marker: Bob Long Vice
Condition: Very good w/ super minor 1 scratch
Color: Black/White Oreo 1of1
Upgrades: Power Trigger-really nice
known problems: absolutley none
asking price: 650 shipped
shipping options: usps Priority
trades of interest: Droid-i add,RX-i add,Dm9-i add,Dm8,Geo-I add,Impulse-I add,Dm7-u add,Sweet anno Vice-dust red with others,or dust black with others-i add a little,Other guns in my favor
location of item: Lancaster, PA-Amish Country
what is included: Gun, Barrel, Tadao Musashi 8, Dow55, -For the right deal i might be able to include the dynasty vlocity jr and the crossy


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