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PE arm pads, Dye knee pads, and proto pants all fs only

01 September 2011 - 01:50 PM

hey guys im quitting paintball for financial issues so im selling it all. today in this ad, i have my pants, arm pads and knee pads. sorry but i will only sell these items if at elast 2 are purchased, unless you wanna cover shipping and payplal. so if you buy at least 2 items, you will have paypal and shipping covered by me.

Item:proto 08 pants
Size:Large i think
Condition:7/10 theyre still great
Problems:one small hole in back of leg on mesh
What is Included:the pants
Payment Options:paypal or money order
Shipping:priority mail only
Item Location:eagan minnesota 55122

Item:Planet eclipse 09 or 10 arm pads
What is Included:pads and plastic case they came with
Payment Options:same as above
Shipping:same as above
Item Location:same as above

Item:dye knee pads
Size:small. medium
What is Included:the pads
Payment Options:same as above
Shipping:same as above
Item Location:same as above
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1 of 1 lasered Clone V2 FS only

01 September 2011 - 01:41 PM

Marker: Macdev Clone V2'd
Condition: 8/10, just some minor scratches on
barrel and bottom of reg thats it.
Color: aqua and white
Upgrades: V2 parts, and militia 2.0 software
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: $700 and ill pay for shipping and
Shipping Options: USPS priority only, no shipping outside of lower 48
Location of item: eagan minnesota 55122
What is Included: Gun,
barrel, 5x o ring kit only one o ring been used out of it, and printed out

Hey guys, sad to say i have here my beautiful Clone for sale only. The gun shoots amazing, its quiet and smooth, favorite gun ive ever owned, second was my droid. The gun gets comments everytime i go to the field whether it be at the chrono station, air sdtation or on the field. The gun has a missing trigger screw so i have used one of the grip screws as a substitute. it does not affect the trigger perfromance at all. Down below is the pics. also, the lasering looks a little dirty when you scrutinize it. it isnt noticeable unless you're looking for it but the lasering is like spotty in some areas. have fun!

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just received macdev v2 clone, need help got issues...

05 July 2011 - 09:49 PM

hey guys so i received a gun today, a super hot custom lasered clone V2. when i got it, the USPS box was in terrible shape. just terrible, half the box had looked like it was sat on and crushed. so i began videotaping me showing the damage of the box and me opening it. i opened it got the gun out and got my tank on... moment of truth. i air it up and i got a HARDCORE LEAK from the HPR... it was coming out the bottom adjustment screw... well shit. so i turn the HPR in until the leak stops. the gun still shot when i stopped turning it in, but super slow. so i began backing it out until it seemed to shoot fast and i was satisfied with how it looked. (i have no chrono, so this is all by eye guesstimating) until SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the leak got louder and louder again. so i turned it in again until it stopped. backed it out til it shot normal, and shot maybe 10 or 15 balls and let it stay aired for a bit. it seemed to be fine no leaks. also, the eyes are either dirty or dont work... so i was shooting with eyes off since they wouldnt read a damn ball in the breach. i got this all on video. the guy paid for insurance on the gun too he said.

so, was it leaking hardcore out the bottom of the reg because it was just backed out too far? does it need to be lubed and new o-rings?? thats like the main big question. its hard to know a lot more since i have no chrono, im playing this thursday so we'll see what im shooting at and if more issues arise. please help

fixed eyes just needed to be cleaned like i thought. the gun does fine i shot a pod through but the leak occurs if its backed out too far. so ill be getting a rebuild kit

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thats what were working with, so hot :wub: :wub:

macdev clones

09 June 2011 - 04:02 PM

hey so i used to have a macdev droid and its been sold for awhile now but i wanna try out the clones. i was reading up on them and im pretty turned off to trying one out since theyve had all these detents/kegs/o ring issues. do the vx clones have no issues unlike its predecesors? and also, could i buy like a v1 clone and throw in the vx drivetrain to solve all the older clone issues??? id imagine thatd be cheaper if i could just do that but would there be other things id need to buy as well to have all of its parts updated?

bonito-colitos feedback

08 May 2011 - 08:03 PM

if youve done business with me please elaborate on how my job was with buying/selling/trading with you. thanks!