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.243 Caliber Poppet Markers. Do they exist?

16 April 2012 - 04:53 PM

NOTE: For the purposes of this thread, anything that can shoot a .243 caliber paintball is a paintball marker, and nothing else ( and yes, my intent is to use the plastic balls that cost less than a penny each).

Right now I'm looking for a good HPA powered .243 cal marker that gets significantly better efficiency than a .68 cal marker. Does anyone know of any good .68 cal manufacturers that do .243 markers as well?

The best that I've found so far is the PolarStar Fusion engine, but it's not very efficient for a marker that only shoots .2 gram balls. They're only getting 10 rounds per cu/in per 1K Psi, which is an order of magnitude less than I expected. (.68 cal usually gets around 5 rounds per cu/in per 1K Psi, with a ball that weighs 16 times as much)
RAP4 also has a marker, but it needs special holders for each ball, which makes it kind of impractical.

Is there anything else purpose built out there?

I know I could tap a Co2 marker to take HPA, but from what I can tell the valves on those are in the list of consumables. Poppets and spool valves just need lube and O-rings.