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12 January 2011 - 04:02 PM

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31 December 2010 - 11:39 PM

hey i just moved to stateboro, ga and wondered where everyone plays at or if there is any good speedball style fields around here i cant find anything local

paintball tech!

31 December 2010 - 01:05 AM

hi there,

ive been paintballing for about 6 years now and struggling to keep funds together to keep playing i have a goal of reaching the pro's but then again who doesnt?! anyways i had a great idea that im not sure is so great and could use some advice i would like to start my own paintball tech business to gather some more funds. i know all name brand manufacturers have there own techs but i also know there are ppl like mike who do tech work out of there garage and such so i want to try and give it a go because i know loads about paintball markers and electronics and have taken 4 years of wiring classes in high school so i know a some about the boards in guns to. but my question is how to i get my name out there? is this just a crazy idea or is it practical and do able? would ppl be up for shipping guns to do work on? now being on low funds i dont have much big items to tech with such as solenoids and such i have a small oring kit and screw kits and lubes and such so i could start with small stuff until i get enough funds to do bigger work :) im currently tryin to trade a bunch of my stuff to get a bunch of parts and kits that i can use but any advice, pointers, or anything for that matter would help :) so please help a fellow paintballer reach his goals :)