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In Topic: TechPB Motorcycle Club

07 February 2011 - 08:10 PM

so completely non-motorcycle related... who saw Christina Aguilara butcher the national anthem?

oh and back on topic, who thinks these look badass?

yeah she sucked
on the honda thing. I really like the smooth power delivery on the Newer CBR's and yeah its really personal preference. I like my TL alot because of the low end power and how rare they are in my area.
Its all really preference I just think that lots of kids these days think that GSXR's are the only good bike out there and that is really not true.

In Topic: TechPB Motorcycle Club

04 February 2011 - 05:27 PM

I think my next bike is gonna be a CBR 1000RR but that wont be for a few years now. I dont understand why Suzuki gets so much love on this thread. I own one and I like it but every GSXR Ive ever ridden has felt like crap. Especially the GSXR 1k, it felt like junk until you hit over 100mph.

To the people looking into getting your first bike pick up something cheap and mildly sporty and learn your lesson on it, because you will make mistakes and if your going to make them why not make them on something you are not afraid to replace. Unless you really can afford a new bike with a warranty pick up a beater bike and learn the ropes on it.

Hell I wrapped my Honda CM400T around a freekin telephone pole and a month later got my 1000

In Topic: Ball Hit and break - why in milsim?

04 February 2011 - 05:16 AM

I personally love those people that call themselves out, even if the ball doesn't break... It makes it all the easier to shoot them out.

from a sport's point of view - this is why the rule about "breaks" is weird - isnt the idea of paintball to hit the player on the other side? the marking with paint is only a secondary property

the argument - "this is how its been played for ages" - thats not a valid argument - people have done a lot of things for ages that were perfectly wrong/misguided/braindead :-)

from a simple point - if someone is hit, he/she is hit, end of story

Me? I'm apparently made of rubber. I've gotten bounces off the lens of my mask and hopper. Heck, at Fulda Gap this year, any time I ran up the tape line I asked a ref to watch me and let me know if a ball actually broke. I've never played at a field that said 'If you get hit at all, you're out (Except with Ghillie suits, but they don't count for this...). Sure, if I played at a field that said that, I'd call myself on a bounce. But I'll be damned if you could really prove you bounced one off a player.

if you get hit into your mask and "it bounces" - you should be out. isnt that logical?

about proving anything - its about the community and a sort of honor code - even with the "break only" rules - if you get hit and there is no ref around, you can only argue. after a full day of play, there is a lot of paint on some people...(hope you get the point).

about the refs - we dont use any - and we play games of 150+ people often (during winter, there are about 1/3 of that size, but most people dont want to play in -10C :-) and freeze their ass off)
if you see someone cheat, you call them out, if that happens more then once, they get watched (everybody watches them - cheaters are poison to any community/sport), if it is proven, they get kicked out and can play by themselfs. we also use stricter rules for teams - when people on the team are caught cheating, they get banned as a whole - happend few times...

(btw - anyway, we had some people from US playing here :-) about a month ago, they wanted to play only "breaks" - but winter, thinck shell paintballs convinced them about our better rules :-)

anyway - evolution, not revolution - try to play it without bounces, maybe you start to like it.

Personally I prefer seeing the splat. In your area if you play every hit counts than thats cool, but I dont think that style of play will catch on over here.

In Topic: XSV Officially using Axes

01 February 2011 - 05:31 PM

i practice with Xsv and JB coach's my team i've shot the axe and it's a great marker i must admit the trigger isn't great but it's good to see a team use a mid end marker it show's everybody that you don't need a $1000 marker to compete on a competitive level. JB and eddie really like the Axe and so do the rest of XSV and now that they only have to focus on the NPPL this year i see them doing pretty well this year. See you guy's at HB!

I like that right there

In Topic: Player's Club Beta Testers - Markerbids.com

30 January 2011 - 12:24 PM

what threads is the barrel

Azodin uses auto cocker threads