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In Topic: spyder MR5 or E-MR5?

04 January 2013 - 10:52 AM

Tippman's elctro loader would go very nicely with this gun. As far as tank brands go, i'd go with ninja or gi milsim. Now, since you're playing mostly woodsball/scenario and you're first choice was the spyder mr5, i'm guessing you like the milsim look and the alure of its first strike round capabilities...i've owned spyder mr1's when they first came out because i was young and crazy (they looked cool lmao). Truth is, a spyder is probably a scerio player's worst nightmare! Loud, inefficient (though they have gotten better), inaccurate no matter what barrel you throw on there, low fire rate, and heavy. I think these cons outweigh its looks and the magazine fed first strike rounds. To me, if you absolutely want first strike rounds in a spyder, go with the Hammer pump...If first strike is take or leave for you, then an sp-1 (or GOG's version of it) with an apex barrel would be a better investment to me, even as far as resale down the road...I've never used either versions of the sp-1, but Mike P swears by them in his woodsball vids. If ever I get back into woodsball/scenario/milsim, this will be the gun I'd get (or the DAM if my wife goes into a deep comma before then lmao :P )...in fact, the reason I gave up on scenario/milsim is because of my MR-1, MR-3, and my tippman A5 all of which are either in the attic or sold...there's been really no inovation in milsim guns until the now. You couldn't get a cool looking milsim gun that performed worth a shit unless you got an all black rail or an "olive drab" dm which defeats the whole point of milsim. First strike rounds, sp-1, gog g1, airow gun, spyder hammer, planet eclipse etha with the picannty body kit, now the dye DAM...all of these are relatively recent developments in the scenario world and a much needed change. I'd go with the scenario revolution and leave spyder's atttempt to "catch up" behind on this one.

In Topic: First marker question

04 January 2013 - 09:48 AM

yeah i'd even consider a GOG eNMEy over a pump just because you've got an autocker style semi auto that'll still save money on paint compared to an electro and will also have that pump/cocker style accuracy you wouldn't get from an azodin blitz/spyder. Pumps are cool and fun to use but to fully enjoy one, I think its best to get an expenive one that shoots like a dream (vengeance 2.0 pump :lol: ) vs a khaos which looks like a spyder with a pump kit thrown on there (I'm not knocking the Khaos, that's just my opinion on it lol). Its ultimately up to you though...what style of play best suits you, what role you play in that stlye of play, and how much of a budget you'd need to enjoy yourself when you play that role. Watching mike's budget baller shows could also help point you in the right direction, as well as his pump vids (i believe he's done one on the khaos too) Good luck!

In Topic: Rate My First Setup

04 January 2013 - 09:22 AM

yup...its all about how it feels/works for you! all outside factors aside i think its a killer setup. hell, my first setup was a spyder imagine with a virtue board (<= hahahahahaha i'm serious :ph34r: ), a knockout barrel kit, ricochet rhino loader, and a 20oz CO2 bottle hahahaha times have changed...

In Topic: quiet gun

04 January 2013 - 09:06 AM

i have a stock '12 reflex rail which i love. now if you can't swing the pricetag of the reflex, you can get the '11 rail new for like $250. I've shot/played with both the guns and honestly the '11 rail is just as smooth and (yes, i dare to say this) slightly quieter in my opinion than the more expensive reflex rail. In fact, the only differences between the two are mostly cosmetic and board/dwell related (bolt moves slower on the rail vs the reflex)...they operate the same, feel the same in the hands (rail does feel slightly lighter than the reflex due to composite frame/feedneck), have the same tight profile, and both shoot ropes...smooth, QUIET ropes of doom, death and destruction! The rail i used was completely stock with exception of the barrel (i threw my 16in CP on it). The only upgrade i recomend out of the box other than the barrel (** it is a COCKER threaded barrel > impulse/ion threaded barrel...COCKER threads are an industry stardard) would be the feedneck...apart from that you've got one hell of a competitive gun for $250 that can compete against anything thing else on the field: shockers, egos, reflexes, and even a geo 2.0...thats what i was playing against when I used it for a day and I did just fine. Hell, that's why I bought my reflex!

In Topic: Freak vs. Shaft 4 vs. Boomstick

03 January 2013 - 10:53 AM

i use nothing but cp one piece barrels on my guns (one piece! not the two piece...the one peice). for thirty bucks you get a one piece barrel in the bore, length and color you want (still less than just a boomstick back alone and will pretty much always match the color of your gun for those concerned with the bling bling O_o). ppl swear by boomsticks and freak kits but i just don't think they're worth their price when compared to that of a cp one piece. I owned a boomstick in the bore of paint my field used at the time thinking it'd be an upgrade to my one pc CP (both barrels were in the same bore)...sold it after three trips to the field to buy more CP's in different bores. Now freaks i've never owned, however i've owned those using them :ph34r: