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looking for Pinokio P250 or Dye Rotor, 08/07 Ego CCU kits

18 December 2010 - 10:57 PM

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PE EGO 8 help

14 December 2010 - 04:26 AM

Ok so I am sorta new to paintball I mostly play woodsball. I finally decided to step up from my a5 which i've dumped WAY to much money into and bought a used 08 EGO. Ok so hears my problem. I just stepped into a whole new realm hear and I'm feeling really lost. I keep seeing all these egos for sale with upgraded boards, upgraded bolts, this and that and I'm looking at this stuff like holly shit I don't even no how to turn this damn thing on. Im in Iraq right now and I've have been reading my ass off about PB stuff since I got here so I can have a lot more knowledge when i get home. I have learned a ton but I really need help with this new marker. I just won it on ebay but im not gunna get to see it till i get home in march so im gunna order some upgrades and stuff and i wanna try to find out what its all about before i get home. I basically new it was really expensive and mike said it was an awesome gun so i bought it. lol Mikes videos are so much help lol somebody hit me up and tell me so good info and upgrades about this gun. The manual i downloaded is confusing the shit out of me lol. thanks


07 December 2010 - 05:18 PM

Ok so a lot of you saw Mikes video on the T9.1 where he shows the different ways of firing the T9.1. My question is... He shows it with firing the remote line Mag inserted, and firing the paintballs through the hopper. But he doesn't show if you can fire the First strike rounds with the remote line mags? Does anyone know the answer to this. Basically I wondering can you load the remote line ready mag full of first strike rounds and when they run out of rounds just rotate the barrel and begin shooting from your hopper with the remote line mag feeding air to both with just a twist of the barrel??? HELP!!!! Please post intelligent answers not what you think, what you know.

Best Woodsball/ Scenario marker

27 November 2010 - 03:53 PM

So Im a Scenario player whos always wanting another gun just like everyone else who plays PB. So lets see what everyone thinks is the best gun. By the way I didn't put the Tiberius T4 because its kinda a unfair comparison to $500 and below markers. If I left out a good marker feel free to say so.

BT Apex2

26 November 2010 - 01:28 PM

OK so I keep getting mixed answers about the Apex 2. Somebody please answer these questions if you have SERIOUS knowledge of the subject. Not what you Think, write what you KNOW.

#1 Does the Apex 2 fit on the Freak All American Front apex1 ready barrel? Also if anyone has actually used this set up "I know Mike does on SP1" is it a good set up?

#2 When does the Apex2 go on sale cause i still can't find it anywhere?

#3 Can you buy the Apex2 tip only?

#4 Does anyone know a good site to get the All American apex ready front?

#5 Last but not least, for all you guys who have got to use the Apex2 is it worth the money? Better, same, or worse than Apex1?