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Looking to get back in the game

02 December 2010 - 11:09 PM

Hey guys i am a long time viewer first time posting and i used to play paint ball about 3 years ago,untill my shocker sft (a gun witch i do not miss) was stolen from me alog with my loader and tank. as of about a year and ahalf ago a new xball field has opened up verey closs to where i live. This has given me a new drive to get back in to paintball but with no gun and xmass comeing up i dont have any free cash to buy new gear. Still tho i would like to get to know the people that play there and the staff, so i was thinking that some time this weekend i would check the place out and introduce myself to the staff players and owners, to see if they could use any volunteer help like sweeping paint changeing the field setup and what not. I really would like to show every one there i want to have fun and help support the game and my local field. What i am asking is that if i where to show up there to see if they need help and to show that i am just not going to be the guy that gets a case of paint here and there do you think they will take me seriously or will i jsut be told to "F OFF" (like some people in this game like to do) i hope some of you gett back to be on this it would really help alot thanks =D

P.S right now i am looking in to maybe buying a used 06/07 ego i have been told that thos are guns you can trust and are verey user friendly