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Anyone own a new wangler? And opinions on them?

06 April 2015 - 01:52 PM

I'm looking to get rid of my 2000 mustang v6 and get a 2012+ wrangler unlimited as a daily driver. I will take it for a test drive but just looking to see other opinions on how bouncy it is. I see so many of them on the road nowadays so they can't be that bad of a ride as I'm being told. I will rarely go offroading with it but find I will off-road every other month or so. If I don't like it any other suv vehicles that are good to drive and in the snow that aren't really a family vehicle? Might be looking at a grand Cherokee or Ford Explorer too but those are backups.

On a side note idk what even is considered a family vehicle other than mini vans and big suvs that have a 3rd row seat.

Thoughts on 2003 wrangler

17 December 2014 - 04:42 PM

Found a used 2003 wrangler sahara TJ for sale for 12,500 with 65,000 miles on it. Some people are questioning why I'm getting an older model for a daily driver and all that but aren't they so reliable they last a long time? Never driven a wrangler so hoping I can test drive it first

Which gaming headset looks best?

15 November 2014 - 07:03 PM

I've been looking into getting some new headphones since I will be getting the xbox one this week. I've never played with or heard a video game with a surround sound headset. If there is a way to listen to one somewhere please let me know. I've been through several turtle beach headsets throughout the years. My last headset that I own are the x32's and I've had them for 2 years. They still work fine, but feel it's time for an upgrade.

I'm looking at either the Astro A40/50, Sennheiser PC 360/PC 363D, or the TurtleBeach XP7. Which of these would be my best option? I do wear glasses when not wearing contactsand my x32's do squeeze them on my head after wearing them awhile. I don't want to spend more than the highest price of the ones I mentioned, so I guess you can say $300. And how my setup at home is I'm generally only 2 feet away from my Xbox. My X32's are wireless, but if wired is better in the end I don't mind them too much if there aren't too many wires. Basically looking for the one with a good mic, decent sound with bass but not too much bass, and last me the next couple of years with the xbox one. I use to buy the wired turtle beaches and moved to wireless, but would change them after a year or a couple of months. One I changed after a couple of weeks. So spending the amount of money for the headphones I'm hoping they are very durable and reliable. I've heard great things about these headphones, but also have heard people have bad experiences with them. Ex their Astros breaking on them after a few weeks or not working properly out of the box. I'm not an audiophile just so you know, but being able to hear the little things in the game like footsteps and sound effects from the area is pretty awesome!

Get back in shape, strength vs endurance?

04 October 2014 - 07:27 AM

Im 25 years old and as far as I'm concerned I should be given a chance by my towns fire department sometime next year. I've been working out on and off for about 2 years now and have been inconsistent. I want to get back into it and I rememeber my old workout routine when I trained for the physical test for the civil service and I was in great shape. I know how to workout, but from what I've been told from a friend who is in the academy, he's getting his ass kicked and has never been this sore before. Idk how much he workout out, but even he said he wish he could do more even though he was working full time for PSE&G? I use to work 2 jobs and volunteer for my town first aid squad, but now only work as a per diem at one place and volunteer. I'm unable to go to the gym as freely as I use to 3 years ago when I could go mom-fri during the day. I'm hoping to run 4-5 days a week and lift weights 3 of those days. For months I've had on and off lower back pain and for the last 4 months started getting random pain in my knees. I don't want this to be an issue so I'm hoping working out helps with both those areas. Anyways, I was wondering what is more important as far as working out goes, if anyone has an idea, lifting heavy for 5-10 reps or lifting light for 15-20 reps? I already know running is important and it's not a definite yet to get hired either. But when it comes to it I wanna be ready and I know I need to get back in shape regardless just for my overall health. At some point I might want to get an elevation mask if it helps too, but I'll see. Any thought?

Having difficulty choosing a new phone

27 September 2014 - 11:54 PM

I have a iPhone 4s and was going to go with the 6, but people have told me to go android. Apple has been fighting android for a long time and a lot of people love iPhones like I do. I have been looking up phones and now I feel maybe I should get off the iphone fan train and go for something for advanced in technology and more complex than the simplicity of the iphone. I just can't choose between the galaxy s5, the htc one m8, and the Lg g3. I've heard great things about the lg g3 and great things about the htc. I've played with my coworker's s5 one time for a few minutes and it was awesome to use, but the htc and g3 seem to have better specs to the s5 and vice versa.........I research a lot when it comes to electronics that I have trouble choosing. Any thoughts?