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In Topic: Best Milsim Gun *New or Used*

06 October 2013 - 11:58 AM


I like shooting the mil-sig markers if playing woodsball

No thanks, they are not regulated. Their manuals don't list o-ring sizes...beyond pathetic. Rifled barrels? This must be a joke.


Value buy: G1

First-strike and magfed buy: Tiberius arms 4.1/9.1

Sweet: Dye DAM


Don't buy a barbell (ie: Tippmann) unless you only play to work your arms.


Honestly, and I know it probably isn't what you want to hear, but buy an airball gun. They are light and the mid-range ones are so much of a better value buy than anything but a GOG G1.


source: I always use my airball apparel and guns when I woodsball; which is the vast majority of the time.


I see people use airball guns and it's fine, ATM im using an Em-1and I enjoy it. Just deciding between a G-1 or a T8.1, so far

In Topic: Best Milsim Gun *New or Used*

04 October 2013 - 07:02 AM

I guess if i really wanted a mag fed gun i would look at a spyder mrx, good gun to introduce myself into mag fed, it is also FS compatible so that is a big bonus and the price tag for a base model 169$ isn't so bad compared to 500$+

In Topic: Best Milsim Gun *New or Used*

04 October 2013 - 06:37 AM

Honestly? I'd go with a G1 to start with (Or the cheaper SP-1). 

Reason being: 

Magfed isn't for every body. I jumped into the craze about a year ago of mag-fed, got myself a full kit, vest, mags, gun, tank, sights, mag pouches, a pistol and holster, the works. I liked using it for walk-on days, and it was fun the comments I got. However, the novelty wore off quickly. I found myself wishing more and more I had an electronic gun as I would go to scenario and event games. I was lucky in that there were groups of mag-fed players in SoCal who got together 1 or 2 times a month to play, and I had fun. However, I often had issues with my gun (Milsig MK3 with Heat Core). It wasn't always the guns fault, but I had to baby it which was tough when you play like I do (I once was told after borrowing a friends gun that he thought I had used it to club someone to death and then dug their grave with it). I decided to give it one last hurrah at LL6, and I was thoroughly soured by the day. My gun failed after 2 insertions. Luckily I had brought a cheap pump and hopper, so I was able to continue fighting. The day I got back from LL6, I put my gun up for sale, ended up trading it for an Axe + Cash. I felt relieved that I had gotten out of a bad situation. If you get the G-1, you'll have the firepower that you want at your finger tips, and you'll be able to still have fun, then look at getting a cheap mag-fed kit later on down the line. 

As for why not the DAM? 800 bucks is a lot to spend on a gun that has its fair share of issues. They are great fun to play with, and are an awesome starting concept for a "hybrid" gun, but its still pricey. 

Your story gave me visions of my future if i was to pursue my fever, thnx a lot for your story. Saving up for a G-1.

In Topic: Best Milsim Gun *New or Used*

03 October 2013 - 09:41 PM

I agree with the G1, it performs extremely well for the price. I like the Tm-15 (performs like an electro in a milsim shell) but it has a lot of problems (Asa, solenoid, list goes on). If money were no object, Id hit up the DAM, but let's be realistic, thats a lot of money to drop on a woods ball only marker. Im still relatively new to paintball (4 years) and I notice speedball interests me way more now that I've been dragged out of the milsim stuff; long story short, spend as little money on mag-fed marker (like the x7 conversion idea) to save money for tourney play. Just my opinion of course. 

I seen some amazing G1 and sp-1 mods for dirt cheap yet they have no tutorials D: i just need to fire one to kill the fever lol and i am definitely all for spending least amount of money.

Best Woodsball Performance: GOG G-1/SP-1

Best MILSIM Gun: Look at Mag-Feds

Best Scenario Gun?: Dye DAM. 

Great post, pretty much sums up my thoughts and more ty

Yeah when I play magfed I use a tippmann a5 with the tacamo kit, it works fine for what I need. Hope you have fun, and if you need help with any magfed questions like how to take apart your mags then feel free to pm me.

i may have to take you up on that offer if i jump into milsim/scenario

In Topic: Best Milsim Gun *New or Used*

03 October 2013 - 09:37 PM


I have the milsim gun fever, and i am debating whether i should invest money into one. I would love one that is mag-fed and hopper fed with the ability for an e-trigger (i am interested in the Rap-4 splitfire), I just wanna hear everyone's opinion on this topic. Your suggestion doesn't have to be mag fed, i just prefer mags for realism. If you feel like labeling Rap-4 as "Crap-4" provide evidence on your standing. Maybe even a x7 if i can find one cheap enough so i can customize it on my own with a mag fed mod.




Buy a pump gun and be happy.

Try to post something relevant to the topic please.


so confused. looks like OP needs to read his own post before trying to call someone out on something. also dont buy anything from crap4.


Looks like someone needs to read the topic clearer, referring to "facts", and i don't recall seeing a paintball gun replicated after a modern day "shotgun" that can be considered "milsim" or even high quality in means of performance (referring to JT's marker) That is the interwebs for you :D