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In Topic: Paintball field sued by non-profit for the blind.

20 February 2013 - 11:03 PM

its like anything else, it requires eyes to play. You dont see them trying to go to the shooting range with real weapons...the field owner probably was rude and that set these people off.

I live in Baltimore and have never been to route 40 paintball.No one have ever had a nice thing to say about the place. The refs at the place are suppose to be horrible they go on the field and play on phones and do not actually ref games. They have shields and hide in the corner behind the shield not doing anything from what I have hear it would seem very possible that route 40 was very rude to them. I live in Baltimore so route 40 is pretty close to me but I drive 45 miles to paintball adventure park because we like it their so much better.

Ive played once at rt 40. wasnt impressed. there seems to be a general lack of professionalism at that field so its highly likely that the situation was handled poorly and spun out of control. but none of us where there when it happened so until someone who was speaks up its a moot point. personally I believe in the end the case will be dismissed but hey nonprofit groups somehow can afford the best lawyers so who knows.

You guys are making some pretty wild assumptions. I go up to Route 40 as much as I possibly can? Why? Well yes, its true, the refs do sometimes play on their phones, but go ahead and tell me that you haven't while working your job? They have installed multiple safety nets and are really on top of their safety, giving safety orientations, making sure masks stay down, etc. The refs do not hide in the corner with shields. They make sure everyone is safe and having a good time. Make sure you actually visit the place before you cast your judgment.

In Topic: NPPL and PSP- What's the difference?

14 August 2012 - 03:36 PM

NPPL Offers the tradition 7-Man format, no sideline coaching, has worse live streams. PSP allows ramping, has 5-man formats, and sideline coaching is allowed. IMO, PSP is better for WATCHING because the NPPL Webcasts have bad commentary and even worse picture. I have never played in either leagues though so can't comment on how it is to play

In Topic: Geo 2.1 For Sale Only

04 July 2012 - 02:15 PM

Just curious, but what about $700??

In Topic: Surrender rule abuse?

14 May 2012 - 06:33 PM

Hey Guys.. Long time stalker of the forum but I'm a first time poster.

This weekend I went to a field in Maryland that was pretty cool. The rules were pretty much standard rules from any other field but the surrender rule caught my attention. The rule is when you are within 20 feet of your opponent yell "Safety Kill". The first person to yell this, the other person is out. If you are bunkering a group of people and yell that you and one of your opponents are out. The others remain in the game.

I ran into a few situations where there would be a group of people behind a bunker and one happens to notice the squad approaching on them and starts yelling "safety kill" from their hiding spot without even attempting to fight us off.

Has anyone else run into weird Surrender rules that allow for abuse?

Which field did you play at? I too play in maryland

What field do you play at? I three play in Maryland