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In Topic: Why I Think .50 CAL is a good idea

12 January 2011 - 09:09 PM

i dont get how .50 cal balls create such bounces. i think you guys are over exaggerating the fact that .50 cal bounces. so if 2 people were standing on opposite sides of a x-ball field, and one person had a hopper full of .50 cal balls and GI marker shooting PSP ramp at 300FPS at the other guy, and shoots his whole hopper at the other person, will all of them bounce? you guys are making it seem like it will. and if we get another company, like RPS, to make a more brittle .50 cal paint, then the bounces will become much less of an issue.

I agree and have any of these people that are accusing this idea seen the video that Mike has posted on how to make your .50 caliber balls break easier?