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Showdown Paintball Field Still Open!

01 September 2009 - 07:05 PM

I really haven't seen much information on the field, so I'll relay what I know of it. Showdown Paintball is the new name of the old pegleg field in Ogden. All of us paintballers in and around Ogden area have been hurting for a good field or even a place to fill air.

Showdown Paintball
Corner of 33rd and Pacific
Ogden, UT Map


Open every Saturday year round. 9AM - 5PM
Wednesday and Friday till Labor Day 5PM - 10PM (Better go only next Wednesday(9/02/09) and Friday(9/04/09) is left) Best time to go to, because it's cooler.

They have lights on the fields for when it gets dark.

They can Fill 4500 and CO2
Paint I believe starts at $35 a case.
Best part is it allows BYOP (bring your own paint)
They rent markers and equipment.

They have speedball, hyperball, and a HUGE scenario field.
They are also putting up a town course that looks like it'll be interesting.

They have markers and equipment for sale and also do marker repairs.

If anyone has any additional info, please post it up.

See you guys there!

Ultimate Fusion and F8 Breakdown & Maintenance

06 February 2009 - 11:16 PM

The Ultimate Fusion F8 Breakdown and Info Thread

While I have pictures of only the Fusion in this thread, the F8 is built so similarly, that nearly everything is this thread can be used for the F8 as well.

(From the Dangerous Power Website)

From design to conception, the Fusion Paintball Marker by Dangerous Power aims to achieve the highest level of performance at any price.
If you've tried shooting one, you will agree that this mission has been accomplished! Out of the box, the Fusion rivals the performance of other 'high-end' markers that are double or even triple the cost, leaving the competition wondering how quality can come at such affordability. Fusion owners also Have confidence in knowing that their purchase is backed by highly trained technical support staffs, read to provide unparalleled excellence in customer service should the need arise.

The limited comes pre-installed with a color kit, the patented RAPS (Rapid Air Pressurizing System) ASA system, and can easily be identified by a special serial number located beneath the trigger guard.

Weights: 2.49lbs
Length: 19.6 inches
Height: 9.32
Operating Pressure: 250 psi


Weight: 1.89 lbs
Length: 19 inches
Height: 7.4 Inches
Operating Pressure 200 psi

As always, DP customer service is some of the best in the industry. If you have any problem with any DP marker, don't hesitate to call. DP is more than willing to help answer any question or address any problem, large or small.

DP Customer Service Team

Customer Service - 10am to 6pm PST
(909) 869-7800 | info@dangerouspower.com

Service and Parts - 10am to 6pm PST
(909) 869-8801 | service@dangerouspower.com

The Fusion is a Fasor marker design which basically just means that the Ram returns with a spring instead of with pneumatics/air. Similar markers designs are the Spyder and Legend markers.
Shooting out of box better than markers several times its price, the fusion needs NO upgrades, and it can work with both Low Pressure and High Pressure tanks.

While there are so many lubes out on the market today, DP recommends the use of Dow-55 lube on the entire marker. I agree with this and you will notice that even though I have Dow-33 in the Picture of the workplace. I don't use dow33 on this marker except on the internal solenoid piston, which is my preference. Any type of lube will work, however to avoid leaks and extend life of O-rings, the use of a swelling type lube is the recommended.

What to do after each day of play?
Even though I have listed all the info in all the sections below, I'm sure there are quite a few people that are not going to want to read through the entire thing to find out what needs to be done after each day of play. So here's the skinny.

Wipe all paint off of marker. (Exterior, interior, bolt, eyes, barrel,)
Clean and relube ram assembly (See Section Below)
Every 15,000 20,000 shots clean, inspect, relube HPR and LPR. Sooner if they become inconsistent. (See Sections Below)

Links to Sections:

How to Crono your Fusion
Fusion VS F8
Breakdown N Maintenance of the Fusion Bolt and Ram
Disassembly of the HPR
Breakdown and Maintenance of the Fusion LPR
Fusion RAPS
Separation of the Frame and Body on the Fusion
Breakdown of the Fusion Solenoid
Removing the Fusion Valve
Removing the Fusion Trigger
Useful Knowledge

Other Fusion Links:

Register Your Marker
Official Dangerous Power Fusion Manual
Official Dangerous Power F8 Manual
Common Fusion Problems and Solutions
Solenoid Maintenance Video (Thanks to IntenseImage)